The latest news from the world of cars

Thousands of things happen in the world every minute. The automotive industry is no exception. New cars, new speed records and much more.

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In China, they created a copy of the Jeep for driving in the mountains

BAIC subsidiary Beijing Off Road has unveiled a new version of the BJ40 Kekexili Edition SUV. The modification is intended for fans of off-road driving, mountain landscapes and steppe plains. The price in China starts from 280 thousand yuan ($40 thousand)

Synthetic fuels have an interesting drawback

The pilots of the Japanese racing series Super GT took part in the testing of synthetic carbon-neutral fuel, which will be filled in cars of almost all racing classes.

At the end of the races, riders complained of a strange smell and pain in the eyes. Some pilots called the smell of the exhaust gasses of the new biomass fuel similar to the “aroma” of kerosene, others compared it to the smell of a mixture of gasoline and motor oil. At the same time, it was noted that the characteristics of the cars themselves remained virtually unchanged.

The engineers who developed the fuel said that the smell is associated with an unusual raw material from which gasoline is extracted (natural gas processing). The very appearance of foreign odors was associated with incomplete combustion of fuel in engines.

The first crossover Ferrari and the last petrol Jaguar

First crossover. Ferrari has long distanced itself from crossovers, and its late head, Sergio Marchionne, said that Maranello would produce SUVs “only over my dead body.” However, now he is no longer at the helm of the concern, and the Italian brand introduced the model, having come up with the designation FUV for it – Ferrari Utility Vehicle.

Last petrol Jaguar. Within three years, Jaguar will only work with electric models, and next model year will be the last for gasoline F-Type coupes and convertibles. To bid farewell to a model with no direct successor and to mark the 75th anniversary of Jaguar sports cars (paying homage to the original XK120, launched in 1948), the British marque has unveiled the F-Type 75.

Toyota announced the imminent premiere of the new model

Toyota has published several teasers of a certain new model: one of them “hangs” on the brand’s Japanese consumer website, and a couple more pictures were scattered on social networks. A name has not yet been released, but it has been announced that it will be a world premiere and that it will take place on November 16th.

Information about the technique is not yet available. The installation of the “fourth” Toyota Prius includes a 1.8 petrol “aspirated” (in the Japanese specification, it produces 98 hp), a 72-horsepower electric motor and an electromechanical variator. There is also an all-wheel drive option – with a separate modest electric motor on the rear axle (7.2 hp).

The €9 unlimited ticket in Germany reduced carbon emissions by over 2 million tonnes

1.8 million tons of CO2 emissions were avoided because of a €9 monthly ticket that permitted travel on regional trains, metros, trams, and buses throughout the entire nation. Due to fewer people utilizing their automobiles for transportation, according to the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV).


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