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Managing Individual App Volume Control on Windows

Most of us enjoy a variety of audio streams through our Windows PCs, whether it’s background music, video calls, or podcasts—but managing their volume levels separately can be crucial. Windows provides built-in options for adjusting app volumes, and there are third-party tools available if you need more control.

To manage volume levels in Windows, you have several options: You can adjust the overall volume using the icon on the taskbar or function keys (F6 for volume down, F7 for volume up, and F5 for mute). Many keyboards also come with dedicated volume keys, making adjustments convenient. Physical dials on speakers, monitors, or headphones offer another quick way to control all audio at once.

For adjusting individual app volumes, right-click on the volume icon on the taskbar and select “Open volume mixer.” Here, you’ll find sliders for each open app that you can adjust independently. Clicking “Reset” returns volumes to their default levels. You can also customize which input and output devices each app uses by clicking the arrows next to their names—for example, directing music to headphones and notifications to monitor speakers.

If you prefer the classic Windows 10 volume mixer, it’s still available in Windows 11: Search for “control panel” in the Start menu, navigate to Hardware and Sound, and click Adjust system volume to access the sliders.

While Windows offers robust built-in options, some users may prefer third-party apps like EarTrumpet. It provides individual volume sliders for every running app and allows customization of audio outputs and shortcuts. Another tool, Sound Lock, controls volume based on channels and output devices, ensuring, for instance, that external speakers or headphones don’t exceed a set volume limit.

Additionally, check if your computer, monitor, headphones, or speakers come with proprietary software for customizing audio settings—a feature often available with high-end hardware to fine-tune audio output to your preference.

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