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We are less than 48 hours away from the 2022 election going down in history.

If you have completed your absentee ballot or mail-in ballot, but have not yet mailed it in, take it to the courthouse along Block 800 Philadelphia Street, Indiana. Dropboxes are available until 4pm today and 8pm on Tuesdays.

The county commission, which serves as the county’s election commission, convenes on Tuesdays from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. An investigation will be conducted.

The Elections Commission stated in its recent meeting agenda that “one authorized representative from each candidate in the election and one representative from each political party are permitted to remain in the room during pre-election activities. ‘, he said.

Acting Pennsylvania Secretary Lee M. Chapman held a virtual press conference this morning to tell voters that they will immediately withdraw their mail-in or absentee ballots to ensure they count in Tuesday’s general election. .

Last week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court directed county election commissions to “keep separate” ballots for the governor, the Senate, and the state legislature.

Indiana County had already put those ballots aside.

“Currently, our voter registration office, also with guidance from our state, continues to suspend undated or unsigned mail-in ballots,” said Commissioner Robin A. Gorman after last week’s election. said at a special meeting of the Trustees.

On Sunday, Gov. Tom Wolfe issued a statement Tuesday that he “guarantees that all votes will be valid.”

“The cornerstone of our democracy is that every ballot should be counted and voters should not be disenfranchised just because they made a small mistake when filling out the ballot.” “I urge every county to contact voters who have submitted ballots with minor but potentially disqualifying errors as soon as possible so that their voices can be heard.” We recommend that you be prepared to deal with those errors.”

However, in Pennsylvania On the website, these are in the instructions. Sign and date the Voter Declaration on the outside of the return envelope. If you do not complete the return envelope declaration, your ballot will not be counted. ”

For Tuesday’s poll, the following contests are listed in the order they appear on the ballot (* indicates an incumbent):

• Governor and Lieutenant Governor: Democrats Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis. Republicans Douglas V. Mastriano and Carrie Lewis Delrosso. Libertarians Matt Hackenberg and Tim McMaster. Christina DiGiulio in Green and Michael Bagdes Canning.Keystone Party Candidates Joe Soroski and Nicole Schultz

• US Senate: Democrat John K. Fetterman. Republican Mehmet C. Oz. Libertarian Eric Gerhardt. Green Richard L. Weiss.Keystone Party Candidate Daniel Wasmer

• US House of Representatives, 14th District (most of Indiana County): *Republican Guy Reschenthaler

• US House, 15th District (North Tier of Indiana County): Democrat Mike Molesevich. * Republican Glenn Thompson

• Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 62nd District (Middle and South Indiana Counties): Democrat Brian Doyle. *Republican Jim Struzzi

• Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 66th District (Northern Indiana County): *Republican Brian Smith Wolf Urges ‘Ensuring All Votes Are Valid’ (Tuesday) | Local News

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