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Wolf partners with nonprofit Vision To Learn

Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – Wolf Administration announced a partnership with nonprofit Vision to Learn to celebrate students who received free screenings and glasses.

Acting Department of Human Services (DHS) Secretary Meg Snead and Special Assistant to the Pennsylvania Department of Education Acting Secretary David Volkman visited the Hannah Penn K8 School on Monday, November 14, to promote DHS and the nonprofit Vision. To learn.

The event will leverage Federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) funds and private philanthropic profits and donations to provide mandatory vision screenings for students in schools in low-income communities covered by Vision To Learn. We have started a new partnership.

Since 80% of all learning in a child’s first 12 years is visual, access to vision screening and eyeglasses is critical to promoting positive educational and health outcomes. Children and families living in low-income areas of Pennsylvania may experience various barriers to accessing essential services and health checks.

“Providing children with the glasses they need to feel comfortable in their everyday lives is critical to their success in the classroom and beyond,” said Meg Snead, Acting Secretary of DHS. . “Today is a new day for many students who can see a board or read a book clearly for the first time. I am grateful to the government.”

Partnership with DHS and Vision To Learn aims to reduce barriers to success in healthcare and education by providing students with a free first eye exam, eye exam and glasses if needed . Vision To Learn operates a mobile vision screening clinic, offering screenings and tests to school children. Prior to this event, the student completed an eye exam and used her Vision To Learn mobile clinic to select a new frame for the school.

The partnership draws on federal and private philanthropic funds available through CHIP, which DHS manages in Pennsylvania. DHS has been approved by the federal government to support this partnership as a Health Services Initiative (HSI). This will allow the state to use some of her CHIP funds to support public health efforts in the community. HSI does not use state budgets, helps reimburse CHIP children for eye care and eyeglasses, and helps Vision To Learn expand its footprint in Pennsylvania. We support.

The program brings licensed optometrists to schools, easing barriers to care that would otherwise prevent many children from getting the glasses they need to succeed in school and life. To do.

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“This initiative in Pennsylvania to harness unused federal dollars to help children is a model for the nation,” said Austin Beutner, founder of Vision To Learn. No matter where you are in the country, you should have the glasses you need to succeed in school and life.”

https://www.wtaj.com/news/regional-news/wolf-partners-with-the-non-profit-vision-to-learn/ Wolf partners with nonprofit Vision To Learn

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