Will the super bowl move to the UK?

 Many bookmakers are offering odds on if the super bowl will move to the UK permanently or not with curacao casinos accepting UK players providing halftime entertainment for the games at curacao casino sites which have become popular for many super bowl fans. The UK has hosted a few NFL games recently and they are looking to offer to host the next super bowl in 2023 due to the sport being a popular one amongst the citizens living in the UK. This has come as a surprise to the people of the USA though as they are not fans of having the super bowl moved from their country to the UK as they would then have to travel to see the final.

Where in the UK would it be held?

 The games have recently been held at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium which is a state-of-the-art stadium and one of the best in the UK at providing sporting events. It is usually hosting premier league football teams but due to the stadium being so good it has been offering its services for many different things. NFL games have been a popular event for many of us to attend when they have been held at the stadium.

The stadium is a work of art and offers a great venue for any sporting event to take place within it and therefore the UK is pushing to host more NFL games as well as the super bowl due to them having a stadium to do so and the people of the UK have grown fond of watching the NFL games.

Why is the UK wanting to host it?

 The UK are wanting to hose the super bowl due to the money and fans it will attract and not to mention because of how popular the game has become in the UK with millions of us tuning in to watch weekly NFL games. Many NFL fans in the USA are not keen for their beloved super bowl to be moved overseas due to so many of them being used to seeing it in the USA and many of them would not be wanting to travel abroad to see it or being able to afford to do so either.

So, we might yet still see the super bowl hosted in the UK at some point over the next few years with discussions ongoing as to when they would be able to host it or if the idea gets thrown out the window completely.


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