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Why You Can’t Trust Republican Leaders

There was great hope that decades ago people who were sexually abused as children would finally have a day in court.

Instead, they are being victimized again.

The Republican-controlled state Senate uses them as pawns in their latest political agenda. Shame on them.

In August, Republican legislative leaders joined Democratic leaders and Gov. Tom Wolfe. commit to a final decision in a referendum Amends the state constitution if approved by voters. With this amendment, victims of child sexual abuse will be able to sue the abuser even if the statute of limitations has expired.

The Senate honored that promise Wednesday — but it poisoned the deal in a stunt that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Instead of passing a simple law that puts a referendum on a ballot that voters will consider in May, The Senate has put the uncontroversial referendum into law, which includes two other controversial referendums.Some will require voters to show their ID at every election. Another is to make it easier for legislators to override state regulations.

The scheme jeopardizes the deal to help victims of abuse as the politically divided House of Representatives could reject the bill.

Amid criticism of how the Senate handled the amendment, Republican leaders emphasized Wednesday that referendums have been put together for the past several years.

That doesn’t mean it has to be.

If the Senate wants a referendum on voter ID and legislative authority over regulation, they will need to propose them as separate bills. Voter ID referendums have benefits. Polls show that Pennsylvania voters support voter ID. I’m in it

By putting together a referendum, Republicans are exploiting sexual abuse victims for political gain.they rely on divided house Digest the parts they don’t like and support the package to support the victims.

Some Republican lawmakers have argued that all these issues matter and that voters deserve a voice in defending their actions.

“Voters need to decide these issues through their state’s constitutional amendment process. I trust voters and believe they should have the final say on these issues.” Senator Mike Regan, R-York, said in a statement Wednesday.

Ok, so why stop there?

The public wants many things that lawmakers are stuck on.Legislators don’t act, so let’s give voters a chance to do their job in other ways. new legislationshould not be limited to conservative agendas.

For decades, Congress will likely eliminate, or at least Reduce your property tax burdenIt was approached once in 2015, but no substantive action was taken. Some plans since then.

Senator Lisa Boscola (D-Northampton) proposed adding a constitutional amendment to the package approved Wednesday to eliminate property taxes on homes and farms. As you can imagine, her proposal failed. Too liberal for the idea of ​​a Republican-dominated Senate.

At the very least, kudos to her for trying to raise people’s voice on important issues that aren’t part of the conservative arsenal. Boscola was the only Democrat to support the bill.

“I believe Pennsylvania voters will do the right thing. That’s why I support ballot initiatives and referendums to empower people and refuse to act in the best interests of their citizens.” We will take power out of the hands of politicians,” she said in a statement.

Boscola also proposed an amendment to constitutionalize the right to abortion.

“Under this amendment, the individuals making these decisions will not have Congress make them,” she said.

And what extends the Constitution’s non-discrimination protection to people is their sexual identity, sexual orientation, identity or expressioncountry of origin, skin color, age, ancestry, religious beliefs, ancestry, disability, etc.

Those suggestions also failed. Shocker.

Republican lawmakers typically oppose even the slightest tightening of gun laws. But polls show that Republican voters support some changes. So why not put them to the vote?

poll last spring According to Third Way and Republican polling firm GS Strategy Group It turns out that voters across the political spectrum want legislation on guns.

67% of Republicans and 61% of those who called themselves conservatives said they would. red flag lawThese laws allow authorities to temporarily withdraw firearms from people who indicate they may be dangerous.

81% of Republicans and 77% of conservatives said they would. universal background checkThere is currently a loophole in Pennsylvania law whereby rifles and other long guns transferred in private sales are not subject to inspection.

The poll also found overwhelming support for these proposals among gun owners, with 70% supporting red flag laws and 85% supporting universal background checks.

With such strong bipartisan support, the public deserves a say in whether these protections should be added to the state constitution.

Until these referendums are put to the vote too, don’t believe it when Republicans say they should trust their voters and they should have a say on the issues that matter.

Wake Up Call columnist Paul Mastic can be reached at 610-820-6582 or paul.muschick@mcall.com.

https://www.mcall.com/opinion/mc-opi-pa-constitutional-amendments-voter-id-lawsuits-muschick-20230113-5prjt52xuzap3bipg77upafxtu-story.html#ed=rss_www.mcall.com/arcio/rss/category/news/pennsylvania/ Why You Can’t Trust Republican Leaders

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