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Why Men Don’t Take Care of themselves so Often?

It’s often said that women are more likely to take care of themselves because they want to look good, while men are more likely to postpone health issues until they’re unavoidable. They are less likely to go to the doctor, get a physical checkup, and take care of themselves.

Also, they are more likely to abuse drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. The reasons for this are complex, involving socialization and biology. Men have traditionally been expected to be strong breadwinners who work hard physically and emotionally to provide for their families. As such, there’s a stigma about showing any weakness or vulnerability.

Men think it’s unmanly to take care of themselves.

The truth is that many men are under the misconception that taking care of themselves is not manly, but in reality, taking care of yourself is a sign of strength, not weakness. Taking care of oneself should be one of the top priorities each day, as it will help make you feel better and look better. Men and women do many things differently, but one of the most significant differences in how each takes care of themselves.

From an evolutionary point of view, this makes a lot of sense. In prehistoric times, women needed to be healthy enough to have children, but most of their daily tasks didn’t require a lot of physical strength. On the other hand, men had to hunt and fight, so it was vital for them to stay strong and healthy enough to win battles and live through attacks having no time to take care of themselves.

Parental teachings on emotion suppression

Most men are not in touch with their emotions. Many men have been socialized to believe that expressing their feelings is a sign of weakness and must always be strong, challenging, and stoic. Boys are taught to suppress their feelings and not cry or express sadness or other negative emotions from an early age. If a boy cries or gets upset, he’s told to “man up” or “stop being a crybaby.” This teaches boys that their emotions are destructive and should be repressed.

The problem with this way of thinking is that it doesn’t allow for the healthy expression of emotions. In many ways, suppressing emotions can cause more harm than good. Many men end up bottling up their feelings until they explode in an angry outburst or self-destructive behavior.

People’s expectation of the “Tough guy” image

The theory of evolution dictates that women should be drawn to strong, healthy men. But it turns out that women are more attracted to “tough guys.” Women’s preference for tough men may have evolved because toughness is associated with good health or because women want men who can defend them during difficult periods like pregnancy and childbirth or during infanticide by male rivals. But regardless of their reasoning, women’s preferences appear to be driving men’s behavior.

Men behave tougher than they are because this improves their chances of finding mates. Women choose tough-looking men not necessarily because they are tough; it’s because it gives women confidence that the man will behave as he looks.

Evolutionary success favors men who risk health.

Men are more likely to suffer from diseases and health issues than women. Men eat more, drink more, and get in more accidents than women do in most countries worldwide. Leading causes of death for men include heart disease, stroke, and cancer. And why is this?

First, men are less likely to visit their doctor when they have a cold or flu. They are less likely to pay attention to what they eat because they focus more on the quantity, not considering the side effects. In addition, men are more likely to take risks and behave more recklessly than women. Evolutionarily speaking, this is an excellent strategy. If a man takes risks, he has a greater chance of surviving long enough to have sex, collect sperm and pass his genes along to future generations.

Men afraid of giving up control

Men are often fearful of therapy because it’s an unfamiliar environment, and they are afraid to give up control. They’re used to being the ones who know what’s best and taking charge, so when they enter into a therapy session, they have to let go of that control. Compare this with women, who tend to be more open-minded and willing to try new things. This is why women have surpassed men when it comes to entering into therapy. It is however essential for men to go for checkups and therapy since they go through a lot in their day to day lives.

There are several beauty tips for men you can follow :

Proper diet – even a healthy diet can help you keep your skin healthy. Ensure you eat enough fruits and vegetables because they are packed with vitamin C, which provides several benefits for your skin.

Skin and hair grooming- Trimming the hair every month to keep it looking neat and using products on the skin that gives a youthful look. Also, some hair products make it easier to style in any way an individual wants. Washing the hair and using a good conditioner should be a part of every man’s morning routine.


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