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When Do You Need to Call Professional Pest Exterminators?

Sometimes, insecticides, traps, and barriers do not work well in keeping the pests away. DIY pest control options can only do so much and then it’s time to call the professionals. Trained pest exterminators have the right solution to fix the specific pest problem in your home.

Professional pest exterminators use strong products to end infestations. When it comes to professional pest control in Pittsburgh, PA, rest assured that either will safely remedy your pest problems. But when should you call the pest control professionals? Below are some indicators.

Strange Sounds and Smells Start to Become Evident

Sounds and smells are proof of some hidden changes happening in your home because of infestation. You may already be sensing something out of place or the presence of something that does not belong. This may need the skills of a professional pest control team. Larger pests like rodents produce sounds. They are the ones you can hear scurrying, scraping, or scratching away in your walls and on your floors.

Soft scratching sounds in the walls also indicate the presence of termite infestation. A professional pest control company can spot the root cause of the sounds if you are not so sure what the pest could be. Distinct and strange smells like the one from roaches tell you of their heavy presence. Roaches have an oily smell, while rodents have an ammonia odor. A slightly sweet and musty odor comes from bed bugs.

The strange smells may be coming from the rotting food the pests are collecting in your home. Mold may already be developing on them. The odors may also be coming from rodent droppings or carcasses. These substances can be harmful to inhale. Removing them is important for your health.

Visible Structural Damage

Damage to various parts of your home is a sign of a pest infestation. This is a signal to call in the pest control specialists. Wood is often the target of termites. The damage happens inside the wood.

Pinholes and tunnels result from their burrowing. Termites can damage wood and thrive immediately. It is crucial to call the exterminators to verify the extent of the damage. Then, they will treat the problem.

The Pests Are Difficult to Get Rid Of

Cockroaches, bedbugs, and termites are examples of irritating and stubborn pests. You will likely spend a fortune on DIY solutions with highly toxic products, which could harm your pets and family. It can be difficult to get rid of some pests on our own. Professional exterminators can spot, diagnose, and remove them in no time at all.

Damage to Your Interiors Become Obvious

The active infestation in your home can manifest through damage to your interiors. Furniture, clothes, shoes, and drywall can break down because of these invaders. Rodents chew on these items to get scraps for their nests. They can also chew through food packaging and leave scraps on the counters or shelves. Insects like moths can chew through fabrics. Calling professional exterminators can prevent the damage from getting worse.

There Are Visible Signs of Nesting

Once the pests access your home, they can start to make it their home as well. Hives and nests outside or inside your home are signs of settling pests. These nests are often in hidden spots where the pests feel safe. These nesting areas could be in crevices, attics, walls, and furniture. Pest control teams can locate these nests and remove them. They will know how to evict these pests permanently.

The Health of Your Household Becomes at Risk

Pests can trigger life-threatening allergic reactions. Your family members and pets could experience difficulty breathing and skin irritation. These could develop into more concerning health issues. Calling the professional exterminators will prevent serious health problems.

Knowing When to Call the Professional Exterminators Can Keep Your Home Healthy

Busy schedules and everyday tasks often make it easy to dismiss the little things at home. Small signs of pest infestation tend to become bigger over time. Awareness of these signs can help you determine when it is time to call in professional pest exterminators. Calling them sooner than later will elevate our household’s health and safety.


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