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What worked, what did not work, and what was up to the disappointed season – Reading Eagle

Eloy Himenes descended on the target field visitor dugout stairs on Wednesday, Lewis Robert talked about the 2022 season and looked with reporters in 2023.

“Next year is that year,” shouted. “Alright, let’s go.”

The only thing you can do is to look ahead after the disappointed 2022 season. After playing the playoffs in 2020 and 200, Socks will spend this post season at home.

Before the Yasmani Grandal catcher in San Diego Padres in Petoco Park on Friday, he said, “Everything that could not work did not seem to work.” “When I thought it would come back, it never came back.

“But, simply and clearly, we were just the worst. Other than that, we don’t want to be an excuse as a team, as an individual.”

Socks was a ninth defeat in 11 Saturday games and lost 5 to 2 to Padres. Dylan Seeds all allowed 4 runs with more than 5 innings, hit Juan Soto for the first time, and hit Jake Cronen Worth six runs. Socks lost 78 wins and 80 losses in the remaining four games.

Here, we will look at what worked, what did not work, and the next step in the socks.

What worked

Dylan Seeds has been a candidate for the American League Sa Young Award, while compiling everything and plays the leading role in rotation.

Seeds entered the season’s last start, near the top of several pitch categories, including ranking 2nd place on Saturdays with 2.06 ERA.

He came Within 1 stroke of no hit no -run in the Minnesota Twins on September 3rdAt the beginning of the season, he started 14 times in a row and only allowed himself once. Since 1913, it has become the first starter (non -opener).

“(Consistency) is very large,” said Shizu on Thursday.

Socks signed a minor league pitcher Johnny Quet shortly after Lance Lin was injured his right knee during the Kakuta Slow’s match that had missed him until June. Quet became the Big League team in May. After joining, he contributed to the stability of the rotation.

The quet and Michaelcopec shined one of the most impressive days in the season. Socks win with a double header against the Yankees opponent May 22, New York. After spending most of last year as a relief pitcher, Kopec returned to rotation, retired his first 17 batters in Game 2, and his Brandice was 2 out of his double in his 6th. I broke the game.

Closer Liam Hendrix is ​​ranked as a league leader in the number of saves (38). I made his third all -star team.

He first participated in the All -Star Game by a shortstop Tim Anderson, who was first voted for starter.When Anderson turned out to be over, he was 8th in AL with a batting average. Left middle finger turbulent rupture Early August.

While the power was lowered, the first baseman Jose Ableau found a way to give an impact. He was ranked 2nd in AL with a hit (180) on Saturday and fifth in batting average (.304).

Himenes has been a batting average of .330/batting average .398/batting average .572, 14 home runs, and 40 RBIs in the baseball world since the All Star Break.

Socks demonstrated his potential in early September and won 13 of the first 19 wins after Miguel Cairo took office as a coach.

However …

What was wrong

Socks lost in the opening game of the Big Series. Cleveland Guardians won 10 to 7 in 11 innings on September 20 and did not recover.

The defeat was the beginning of eight consecutive losses. Socks saw the Guardian pulling away and acquiring Al Central. His six losses were defeated at home, and Socks ended in a mysterious result of 35 to 43.

Socks fell below the batting average of .500 in one game on Saturday, but injuries were a major factor.

Core position players such as Anderson, Robert, Himenes, Grandal, and Third Baseball Yaan Monkada spent time in IL. Rotation and bullpen were also injured.

“We were as consistent as we wanted,” Robert said through an interpreter on Wednesday in Minneapolis. If you get injured, it’s inevitable. You can play the players, but if the players are dealing with various injuries, you can see that the players are not 100%. You are you. It will also affect the performance.

“I can’t control it. I’m convinced that this is one of the main reasons that this year’s achievements did not make.”

Socks end the season with IL Anderson and Robert while Montkada (.218/.282/.364) and Grandal (.200/.301/.269) are having a hard time finding the rhythm in offense. increase.

Besides injury, the play in the field was surprisingly unusual. His 100 errors on the team are the highest in his AL.And whether it is a base running mistake It led to a triple play on July 4 for twinS or acquisition Catch 3rd base in Colorado on July 27Crushed momentum.

It is a basic thing that is expected to be cleaned up under Tony Luca, who returned as a sock manager after the 2020 season, hoping to raise the team to the next level.

They entered the playoffs again in 2021, but this season was full of consistent play.Determined to walk with a tray turning with 1-2 count June 9 against Los Angeles Dodgers I received national criticism.

The fans have expressed discomfort in the ups and downs, including the chants. “Firate Ney” in the extra time Defeated to Texas Rangers June 11th. Many people still bothered the team that the team could not become a bigger player by the trade deadline.

1 hour before August 30 In a game with Kansas City Royals, Socks announced that Le -Luca would not manage the night under the instructions of a doctor.The next day, Socks told Lalusa It was out indefinitely We will be examined further by a doctor in Arizona.

On September 24, Socks announced Lucusa. Will not return in the 2022 season At the instructions of his doctor. Late that day, when Le Luca, 77, was asked if she still wanted to be in charge, Rick Haan, a general manager of socks, said, “It’s now focusing on his health.” Told.

What is next?

Haran said that when it was appropriate to turn the page at the end of this year, the team would address the management situation.

It is the most imminent problem that socks are facing.

These can be the last few games of Ableau in socks. He is a free agent after the season.

Whether the socks seem to add left -handed bat, whether they are looking for a long -term solution on second base, and whether the rotation plan with the quet is set in free agencies. I understand.

In the off -season, you will mainly want to find a way to get on track after missing this season’s opportunity.

“This year is a year of frustration, and we know what we need to work on, and we know what we want to fall next year,” said Gabin Sheets, a first -baseman, an outfield. I told Tribune on Tuesday on Tuesday, “We know what worked and what happened. For us next year, this season was a big learning curve. There is none.

“We know the talent we have and know what we need. Last year we did what we needed and we couldn’t do this year. We accept it and execute it. I think you have a good motivation for next year. “


https://www.readingeagle.com/2022/10/02/chicago-white-sox-2022-review-what-went-right-what-went-wrong-and-whats-next-after-a-season-filled-with-disappointment/ What worked, what did not work, and what was up to the disappointed season – Reading Eagle

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