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What Key Documents To Translate Before Abroad Business Trip

International travel can undoubtedly be stressful if you are not well-prepared. International travel can be because of various reasons, including travel for business. Business travel is crucial in building stronger bonds between international stakeholders.

However, travelling abroad is different from domestic travel. There are several documents and details you need to pay attention to. These are essential before you embark on your business trip and even during your trip. Ensure to have all these documents updated and translated before your trip.

Here is a list to help you prepare for your business trip abroad.

  1. The government issued passport

Passports as form proof of identification and permission to travel abroad. It entails personal details like;

  • Your date of birth
  • Sex
  • Your place of birth
  • Your name

When you travel for a business trip abroad, you will need to verify your citizenship and need it on your return journey to prove to authorities your citizenship to regain entry. Ensure that your passport is up-to-date and is not expiring within the period you will be travelling. Some governments and immigration authorities request a passport translation if the country’s official language is not one of the native or predominant languages in the passport. You can seek the services of the list of translation companies to find best that suits you.

2. Visa 

Some countries require travellers to present valid visas upon crossing borders. They are issued by the country you are visiting. Visas come in different types, and these are tourist visas,  student visas, and work visas. Apply for the kind of visa intended in advance to be safe and so that you have adequate time to translate it.

3. Vaccination certificates 

With the new Covid-19 pandemic, countries require visitors to have negative Covid-19 test results and a vaccination certificate. This is all to curb the spread of viruses and protect people from contracting the same.

Other vaccination certificates that you will need before travelling abroad are; polio, meningitis and yellow fever.

4. International driver’s license 

To avoid crowded buses and subways, driving yourself would be the best option. If you are planning to drive yourself, it is essential to have an international driver’s license. Many car rental agencies abroad require one to have an international license as a prerequisite.

This document has several benefits. In some countries, it can act as identification if you are stopped by authorities or involved in an accident. Having this document with you reduces your risk of attracting fines.

Translating this document before you travel ensures that you bridge language barriers between you and your hosts.

5. Travel insurance 

Healthcare can be very costly abroad. Travel insurance covers emergency expenses during your business trip, cautioning you from financial burden. If you fall sick suddenly, lose your luggage, or get physically injured, your travel insurance covers everything. Travel insurance also covers trip cancellations.

Be sure to carry your travel insurance documents whenever you are travelling abroad. If you do not already have travel insurance, then ensure to apply for one on time.


Your visa, passport, vaccination certificates, and international driver’s license are documents you may need to bring along when travelling abroad on a business trip. In addition, you may be required to carry additional documentation like proof of hotel bookings, return air tickets, and permission to travel with a minor if you plan to travel with one. Also, if you have travelled with the intention of buying property,  translating the necessary documents for the purchase is crucial.

About author 

Melony Hart is a translator and content creator. She loves writing about travel and work. She has also worked as a translator for several multinational agencies. In addition, she runs a multilingual blog on travel and tourism.

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