What is “Juice” in Sports Wagering?

If you are interested in learning your way around the sports betting industry or just a beginner, you will first need to learn what “Juice” is. Juice, also knowns as “vig” or vigorish in sports betting, is the cut a sportsbook or a bookie takes from every bet. ​

Juice is the sportsbooks’ or casinos’ greatest edge, and ultimately that is how they continue to make profits over the long haul. The Sportsbook’s main goal is to try and get an equal amount of money on both sides of a bet. The way they do that is by applying Juice to every bet. It can vary between sports and bets, but the most common juice amount is (-110). Examples below.

Cleveland Browns -2.5 (-110)
New England Patriots +2.5 (-110)

What that (-110) means is you would have to bet $110 to win $100. If your bet wins, you collect $100, but if your bet loses, the house collects $110 and profits $10. While $10 does not seem like a lot, it can add up throughout thousands of wagers.

Again, the house uses the juice to try and keep equal amounts of money on each side of the bet. Using the Browns and Patriots example above,  if they start seeing large amounts of bets or money comes on one side of the bet (Browns -2.5), they will adjust the juice to -105 or maybe +100 (even) to entice bettors to place money on the Patriots +2.5. New Lines would look like this:

Cleveland Browns -2.5 (-115)

New England Patriots (+100)

So now Browns backers would have to risk $115 to win $100, and bettors now wanting to bet on the Patriots would only have to bet $100 to win $100.

How To Calculate Juice

Calculating juice is just adding up the implied probabilities of both teams or both sides and adding them and then subtracting 100. When placing bets, you will never have to calculate the juice. The casinos or sportsbooks will do that automatically. But, if you are interested in how it is calculated and want to try to do it yourself, we can use the formulas below given to us by The Action Network.

Use the following formula for anything with a minus sign in front of it, but drop the negative sign.

Negative Odds / (Negative Odds + 100) * 100

For anything with a plus sign, use this to get the implied probability.
100 / (Positive Odds + 100) * 100

The most Common juice is -110. Using the first formula, we get:
110 / (110 + 100) * 100 = 52.4%

That 52.4% tells us that we have to win our bets 52.4% of the time to generate a profit long term.

Juice can also be found on Moneyline bets. You can use the same formula that we used above to calculate the juice on those Moneyline bets. Let’s use the MLB involving the Giants and Dodgers in which the Dodgers are favoured.

San Francisco Giants +120

Los Angeles Dodgers -140

Using the formulas above, we have found the implied probability of the Giants winning, which is  45.45%  and the Dodgers 58.33%. That adds up to 103.78%, meaning the sports have a 3.78% edge.

If you want to get technical at looking into implied probabilities, you can also remove the juice and get a good look at what the market thinks of each side. Use the formula below to remove any juice.

Team A Implied Probability / (Team A IP + Team B IP)

Giants: 45.45% / (45.45% + 58.33%) = 44%

Dodgers: 58.33% / (58.33% + 45.45%) = 56%

Shop Around for Lowest Juice Price

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you should always shop for the best line and the best-priced juice. Let’s say you are in the market for a new car or TV. Most people don’t buy the first one they see; they shop around looking for the best deal. Well, you should do the same for sports betting. Finding the best odds can help you stay profitable long term if done consistently.

Shop the top online sportsbooks for the US to help you find the best odds.

Just to show you how important it is to find the lowest price juice is, let’s say you placed  $1000 on the Yankees -115. Your return, if you won, would be $869.57. If you did some shopping and found the Yankees -105, your return would jump up to $952.38. That’s a difference of +$82.81. You can build up your bankroll by looking for the lowest juice price.

Kurt Blakeway – Sporting Betting Analyst

Kurt is a Sports Betting Analyst for Safest Betting Sites. He enjoys all things MLB, NFL, CFB, and CBB. While he is a fan first, he is always trying to gain an edge on the books to make a little bit of money.


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