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What happens to Hersheypark when the park closes?

Hershey, Pennsylvania (WHTM) — April through December hershey park is open, and millions of guests come each year to ride the park’s incredible coasters, thrill rides, and offerings.

However, the park is closed from January to March. So what happens in the meantime? Will the park he just be empty for three months? Or what happens during the night and early morning hours during routine work. no one at that time?

Well, not exactly.

During the off-season, the park is buzzing with activities leading up to its April opening.

All rides and attractions will undergo three months of intensive renovations to ensure the rides are in top condition when the park reopens in April. This means trains will be off coasters, rides will be dismantled, and the park itself will be trimmed. This means a full-time team of over 200 his members are standing by to help with the process.

The park states that all coasters require tracking and roller coaster trains according to their respective manufacturers. candymonium They say train wheels need to be replaced every five years. But in the meantime, the team cleanly inspects and measures the wheels to make sure they’re the right diameter.

Several coasters in the Hersheypark lineup have a maintenance area next to the coaster station for easy access for repairs and refurbishments. Skyrush is one of those coasters.During its coaster offseason, the park Dismantle the ride queue line and place the train in the areaSome of Skyrush’s trains are taken to larger maintenance plants for power washing and what is called non-destructive testing.

A guest favorite, The Great Bear, is also tearing down the train. Inspection and repair of seats, seat belts and harnesses. On this ride, Wheel Brakes should be replaced every 3 years. Again, this is based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once all the coaster trains and tracks are assembled and put back together (which the park says will take place around mid-March), the ride will begin multiple test runs. These are outlined by the vehicle manufacturer. This is to ensure that your ride runs smoothly every cycle.

Maintenance will continue even after opening.

Every morning, our maintenance team ensures that the daily rides the park is open to are safe. According to Hersheypark, the process starts around 5am and can take up to five hours to complete.For example, in Skyrush, Park states one team member walk the track Others check supports and connecting bolts Check the lift hill to make sure everything is working properlyAfter that, you can start your daily test runs. The process is pretty much the same for all coasters at Hersheypark.

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Now you know what happens when you can no longer enter the park. It takes a lot of people to keep the park as sweet as it is now!

https://www.wtaj.com/news/regional-news/what-happens-at-hersheypark-when-the-park-is-closed/ What happens to Hersheypark when the park closes?

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