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What Every Christian Should Know

Every Christian, regardless of their past in the Body of Christ, there are certain things that should be aware of. While our histories, gifts, and personalities are as diverse as the variety of life seen in a coral reef or a calm meadow, some fundamentals of Christianity bind us all, from the oldest to the youngest believer. Believers in churches such as Plantshakers Melbourne church who thoroughly understand these fundamental facts are less likely to be enticed by sin or misled by false teaching. Is this all there is to Christianity? Not! However, there are a few things every Christian should be aware of:

The Holy Spirit Imparts Knowledge to You That Every Christian Should Have

God is Forgiving

As a result of Adam’s transgression, each man and woman were separated from God by sin, unable to reach God on their own. It stood between the Creator and His creation as a barrier. Jesus came to take people sins away, and he is without sin. The sin barrier was broken when Jesus died, was buried, and rose again to new life. For all people, Jesus paid the price for sin. Because he pardoned all of our sins, God made you alive with Christ. He wiped away the record of the allegations brought against people by nailing it to the cross. God has forgiven you.

Human Beings Are Part of God’s Plan

It’s clear from Genesis to Revelation that God has a purpose for each believer. Each life is intertwined to create His vast work of art. Believers can understand God’s heart and desires more clearly when they develop a stronger connection with Him via Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with other believers. Believers are often preoccupied with finding the “one true” path in life when it is more important to focus on having a relationship with God. The plans He has for us can take different forms, but if believers stay close to Him and obey Him every day, they will end up exactly where they need to be.

Here You Can Listen to A Series of Sermons About God’s Good Plan for Your Life

God Addresses People

Believers invited God to be their Father, Jesus to be their Lord, and the Holy Spirit to dwell in their spirits when they were reborn. For you to learn how to hear God’s voice takes some time. It necessitates becoming still and listening for His voice to speak to your spirit, as well as learning to block out the forces that try to drown out His voice. But He is always close by, ready to pour His love into your hearts and brains.

Our Words Have an Impact

Believers’ words have immense weight and power because they belong to Christ and have the Holy Spirit living within them. Their words and thoughts should be scrutinized to see if they take them and those around them closer to God. The tongue has the power to kill or to save; those who enjoy talking will suffer the consequences. Do your words have life or death in them?

Start studying these things and write them down in your Bible. Solicit the Holy Spirit’s assistance when praying at the churches like Plantshakers Melbourne church to help you better understand them so that you can share them with the rest of the world. They may not cover everything you need to know about Christianity, but they cover the fundamentals, the beliefs that bind believers together as Christians!


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