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Wawa honors ‘Dave Lightner’ customers – The Morning Call

Celebrating one’s birthday more than anyone else is a complete boss move, and few people around these parts are as committed to their own birthdays each year as Wawa (Gritty, of course. except for).

On Wawa Day, an annual celebration of the opening of its first retail store in Folsom, Delaware County in 1964, the chain often hands out free coffee and makes big announcements about its future plans.

But this year, Wawa is turning the spotlight on its staff and customers as it celebrates its 59th anniversary.

“This year’s Wawa Day celebrates the timeless connection between our customers and the employees who have made their days shine for 59 years,” Wawa spokesperson Lori Bruce said in a news release. .

On Thursday’s Wawa Day, one customer at each of the chain’s 990-plus stores will be crowned “David Brightner” by staff and gifted with an obi, mug and free coffee for the week.

According to Bruce, the recipients each picked by the store staff cannot be known in advance. .

So if you’re a regular at Wawa, open the door for everyone, know the names of each employee in the store, and bring cookies and offers for staff to help clean up after spilling your coffee, Don’t skip the Wawa run this Thursday. Also, don’t wear pajama pants and Eagles slippers.

And even if you’re not one of the “Dave Lightners” of choice, you can get any size coffee for free.

Wawa not only recognizes its customers, it also recognizes its staff at stores across the chain. Earlier this year, Wawa took to social media to ask people to nominate their favorite “Day Brightener” employees. Out of over 300 submitted stories, 10 will be selected and their teams and stakeholders will be recognized in person at Wawa Day and through videos on the chain’s social media channels.

Wawa also announced a donation of $50,000 to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to “lighten the days patients and families receive care.”

“On April 13th, we invite our guests to celebrate our rich history, our growth and our unwavering commitment to living a fulfilling life. We hope to inspire people to brighten up their days in their communities,” said Wawa’s chief executive officer, Chris Gaysens, in a release.

Wawa, which plans to open 1,000 stores later this month, first began celebrating Wawa Day with the official proclamation of then-Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter to mark its 50th anniversary in 2014. It is estimated that he serves over 2 million cups of coffee at this shop every Wawadee.

https://www.mcall.com/2023/04/11/wawa-to-honor-customers/ Wawa honors ‘Dave Lightner’ customers – The Morning Call

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