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Utility Player Wins First Gold Glove Award This Season as MLB Grants Buck Showalter’s Wish – Leading Eagle

One of Buck Showalter’s wishes has come true.

Earlier in the season, he was quick to petition the Gold Gloves to include an award for utility infielders. On Tuesday, the league and Rawlings, the company that partners with Gold Gloves, announced they would do just that.

“They didn’t get it from me,” assured Showalter, who also struggled to be the fourth outfielder in each league to get one. It’s a great recognition, really should be on an All-Star team.

Mets managers scratched their heads for the people the award could honor.

“Ben Zobrist Award,” he began. “I was getting ready to say, ‘Who are you going to name me after?’ Give me a really good championship club. Someone from that club would be that guy.

This news is notable for the Mets. Because Luis Guilme is the infielder who went into Tuesday’s game this season, pitching 447.2 innings at second base, 160 innings at third base, and 42 innings at shortstop. According to Statcast metrics, Guillaume was one of 19 National League infielders worth at least four outs above the average going into play on Tuesday. has played in far more matches.

When it comes time to determine the actual winner of the award, Showalter knows there are other worthy contenders out there, but he believes Guillorme can take on any of them.

“To be fair, everybody’s going to have someone who says, ‘Oh, it’s this guy,'” Showalter said. “But I can’t imagine Lewis not being at the top of that debate.”

pitching hour

Tyler Megill lurks as a potentially huge part of the Mets’ postseason bullpen, pitching a scoreless, hitless inning at Triple-A Syracuse on Friday. Showalter wasn’t entirely sure if his next rehab session would be on Tuesday or Wednesday, but after that, he knows a big club is close to his return.

“For Tyler, the debate is whether he will pitch again. [in the minors after the scheduled outing] Or come here,” explained Showalter. “We’re probably going to have that discussion at some point. [Tuesday]”

Megill and David Peterson were obscure for most of the season. A combination of a very top-heavy rotation and a magician in the closer role (still supported by the still effective but uninspiring Adam Ottavino) has the Mets forever looking for middle relief. There is an internal hope that Megill and Peterson can deliver it.

However, there is a slight problem in that there isn’t much room to throw things at the wall during the season and see what sticks. The Mets plan to do a lot of evaluations on the spot.

“With guys like Peterson and Megil, it’s going to be a challenge to get through it. Walter said of their bullpen trials, “The games don’t always work together when presented with that perfect situation.”

Showalter has acknowledged that Peterson, who played a key role in the 2022 Mets, is a starter, and the organization hopes his overall progress is a starter. But Worlds sometimes throws the starter into the bullpen when it comes to winning the series. This is because the team does not have many other reliable players.

“I would love to see Peterson in the bullpen. I would also consider Megill,” explained Showalter. “What shall we do, take him and throw him in front of Ottavino, or [Seth] Is it Lugo? [Edwin] Diaz? How far will you go? “

Another major concern arises when the role of the starter changes.

“The question you ask is recovery. Can they throw two days in a row? Can they handle two ups? If you think the next couple of weeks will give you a clear answer. that’s a joke.”

Skipper also said Max Scherzer will pitch in Wednesday’s baseball game.The club has not decided whether it will be a rehab game or an MLB game.Showalter said Scherzer’s physical condition was “lively and frog-like”.

“We think we’re in a pretty good place.”


Showalter was also asked for a progress report on Starling Marte. The Marte outfielder is recovering from a partial, non-displaced fracture of his right middle finger after being hit by a pitch Sept. 6. There is no official update on Marte’s ongoing recovery.

“It will be late,” said Showalter, somewhat emphatically. “I’ll say it again. He’s broken his finger. You can’t put him in a hydraulic chamber and let the bone grow together. I want to. It’ll be fixed, it’ll be fixed before the season is over. That’s what you’re talking about. It depends on the season.”


https://www.readingeagle.com/2022/09/13/mlb-grants-buck-showalter-his-wish-utility-player-will-win-gold-glove-award-for-the-first-time-ever-this-season/ Utility Player Wins First Gold Glove Award This Season as MLB Grants Buck Showalter’s Wish – Leading Eagle

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