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US trains continue to derail. why?

Washington lawmakers scrutinize freight rail industry Amidst a series of derailments unfolding in 2023.

It’s been months since the Norfolk Southern Railroad derailment devastated the town of East Palestine, Ohio. more wagons Became a distraction from their truck with some parts of the country.

Ian Jeffries, CEO of the American Railroad Association, said in an interview with CNBC, “Even one incident can have a dramatic impact on a community.” It said derailments were declining overall, citing data from , although a slight increase in reported derailment accidents was recorded from 2020 to 2022.

Others in the industry say accidents are becoming more difficult to avoid as rail companies pursue tighter business plans. Former engineer Mark Burroughs said. “There are many things to fight for.”

Existing government research is inconclusive as to how these strategies will affect public safety. But some areas deserve further research, experts say.

“One of the concerns we heard was that the railway may have compensated for the reduction in mechanical staff by having other types of staff, such as conductors, perform pre-departure checks.” said Elizabeth Repko, Infrastructure Policy Director for US Government Accountability. office. “Something may be missing and it may affect safety.”

Some of these concerns may have come true at the infamous scene in East Palestine, Ohio.The National Transportation Safety Board, which released preliminary findings in February, is conducting a full investigation into the crash.

this was 100% preventable‘ said NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy at a press conference focused on the preliminary report in February.

Correction: This video has been updated to correct details regarding industry safety sensors.

look video See above to learn more about the freight rail industry and what is causing train derailments in the United States today.

https://www.cnbc.com/2023/04/20/us-trains-keep-derailing-why.html US trains continue to derail. why?

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