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US Senator John Fetterman was hospitalized after feeling dizzy.US politics

of pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman was under observation in a Washington, D.C. hospital on Thursday after a Democrat who suffered a stroke during last year’s election campaign fell ill at a party event Wednesday.

A doctor at George Washington University Hospital said initial tests showed no evidence of a new stroke, Fetterman’s office said, adding that more tests were being conducted.

“Towards the end of today’s Senate Democrats’ withdrawal, Sen. John Fetterman began to feel lightheaded,” his communications director Joe Calvero said in a statement Wednesday night.

“He left and called the staff, who picked him up and drove him to George Washington University Hospital.

“He is doing well and is talking to staff and family. We will provide information as it becomes available.”

Fetterman, 53, said the staff said fatal stroke Last May it affected my ability to speak and process other people’s speech. His recovery became a major issue in the Senate race against Mehmet Oz, a prominent Republican doctor. Repeatedly ridiculed the opponent’s health.

Oz’s aide, Rachel Tripp, said that Fetterman “I have eaten vegetables in my life”.Oz Campaign Statement Offered to pay medical personnel Stand by during the discussion.

Fetterman’s Five Points victory over oz It took away the Senate seats previously held by Republicans, and was key to keeping Democrats in control of the House.

The race got tighter towards the end. Fetterman’s ‘Disastrous’ Television Debate In it, he struggled to speak coherently or consistently. His performance has been the subject of much analysis, Disability Advocates Praise Him To tackle life-changing crises head-on.

Over $300 million was spent during the campaign.

In his victory speech in November, Fetterman referred to the stroke and how it shaped his political priorities, stating that he ran for “those who have ever been beaten up”. rice field.

He mentioned stroke again while talking about what he wanted to achieve in the Senate. It saved my life and should be there for you whenever you need it. “

Fetterman is sworn in last month At a ceremony by Vice President Kamala Harris, he swapped out his trademark hooded sweatshirt and baggy shorts for a new gray suit. New York Times article About parliamentary fashion.

time magazine reported last week To help Fetterman continue his recovery, the Senate floor was given a digital overhaul. , his desk contains another monitor that can be placed on a pedestal when it’s his turn to chair.

The Senate sergeant’s office is also making plans for Mr. Fetterman to attend committee hearings and elsewhere in the Capitol, according to The Time, and will provide live transcripts of the proceedings on a wireless tablet. It also includes being able to receive

According to the magazine, the captions will be created by professional broadcasters for greater accuracy than artificial intelligence transcription.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/feb/09/john-fetterman-hospital-feeling-lightheaded-democrat-senator-pennsylvania US Senator John Fetterman was hospitalized after feeling dizzy.US politics

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