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US midterm voters reject election naysayers who endorse Trump’s false claims. 2022 US Midterm Elections

Voters are the most intuitive in the US, rejecting Donald Trump’s stolen election lie Republican supporters in several key elections, even though some key results are still missing. rejected some of the most ignorant election naysayers.

Democracy is on the ballot in the midterm elections, and eager participants to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election were vying to control how the votes were conducted in states. Some of those candidates were short for the night.

in Pennsylvania, Doug MastrianoHe was the Republican nominee for gubernatorial but lost to Democratic rival Josh Shapiro. Mastriano was representing Trump statewide in an attempt to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, and was present at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, the day of the riots.

The governor of Pennsylvania has considerable power over elections in choosing who becomes secretary of state.

Several other elections for Secretary of State have been the most watched of the cycle given that anti-democratic candidates could dominate the voting process. Trump has said he wants to run again, sparking fears ahead of the election.

In Michigan, all three Democrats running for statewide office won Republican Who questioned the 2020 election results?

Governor Gretchen Whitmer was reelected to a second term by Tudor Dixon. who resigned Says Joe Biden won the state in 2020. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel also won re-election, and Matthew, an attorney who became a key figure in spreading election misinformation after the 2020 election Depernod Deperno. In his election night speech, Whitmer spoke about the results affirmed “Facts over lies, democracy over fascism”.

Michigan’s current Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who staunchly defended the 2020 election results, said: defeated Christina Karamoshe rose to national prominence after spreading false claims about fraud on the Detroit Count.

Donald Trump (left) listens to Michigan Republican candidate Christina Caramo for Secretary of State at a rally in Warren, Michigan, in October. Photo: Todd McInturff/AP

“Well, well, well, democracy won.” Michigan Voters have shown the world that they vote for truth over lies, facts over conspiracy theories, and actual results over empty promises. ”

In New Mexico and Minnesota, election deniers also lost the race to become chief electoral officials.

The first set of outcomes will be met with relief from democracy groups and electoral pundits, avoiding some of the most potentially dystopian outcomes. However, some races that have attracted much concern have yet to be finalized.

Arizona has become ground zero for electoral denial in the United States since the 2020 eruption of a toxic feud over counting. Mark Finchemthe state legislator became the national embodiment of the threat.

Mark Finkem speaks at a rally for the Republican candidate for governor of Lake Arizona Kari in Glendale, Arizona.
Mark Finkem speaks at a rally for the Republican candidate for governor of Lake Arizona Kari in Glendale, Arizona. Photo: Etienne Laurent/EPA

Finchem’s race to become Arizona’s secretary of state Wednesday morning was too close. He received 62% of the vote, 47% against his Democratic rival Adrian Fontes’ 53%.

Finchem was behind barricades in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, spearheading an attempt to thwart Joe Biden’s 2020 proof of victory.

Kari Lake, a former Phoenix-area Fox TV anchor and another outspoken election naysayer, remained in a head-to-head race with Democratic rival Katie Hobbs in the gubernatorial race in Arizona.Lake is one of the Republican candidates. who hinted That they may not accept the results of the election if they lose.

Reflecting the volatile events of 2020, the outcome of Arizona’s statewide contest could be contingent on legal challenges in Maricopa County, the state’s most populous area. Problems with the ballot-counting machine equipment were reported, and the Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit, joined by Mr. Lake and Republican Blake his Masters senatorial candidate.

Another prominent election denier, Jim Marchant, is seeking the post of Secretary of State in Nevada.merchants who have close relationships with influential figures in racism conspiracy theory QAnontied with his Democratic rival Cisco Aguilar, with 72% of the counts made.

Other polls on Tuesday showed more signs that voters are growing wary of Trump-inspired threats to democracy. In the ballot measure, Michigan voters decided to incorporate amendments to the state constitution that would greatly expand voting access and make it more difficult for partisan actors to overturn the election.

This was the first time the voting initiative process was used to explicitly combat attempts to overturn an election.

But Trump’s long-running attempt to overturn the legitimate outcome of the election for personal political gain remains dangerous. 210 Republicans Anyone who actively questioned the 2020 election results won a legislative or state election.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/nov/09/republican-election-deniers-trump-mastriano-karamo-finchem-marchant-midterms US midterm voters reject election naysayers who endorse Trump’s false claims. 2022 US Midterm Elections

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