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Eagles vs. Saints predictions for Week 17 of the NFL season originally appeared NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Eagles (13-2) are hosting the Saints (6-9) at the rink on Sunday afternoon.

to the prediction:

Ruben Frank (12-3)

If you told me in August that the Eagles only needed to beat either the Saints or the Giants at home in the final two weeks of the season to secure the No. 1 seed in the NFC, they would have signed up right away. . If you step back and look at the big picture, the Eagles are in great shape. They have the best record in the NFL. If he has less than four turnovers, they have never lost a game. With the playoffs approaching, they’re going to be very close to a full force: they’re his NFL’s highest-scoring team, and his second-best defense in the NFL. And next, if he wins all three games at home, he can qualify for the Super Bowl. So while it may look like things are falling apart when you focus on 3rd and his 30th, uncharacteristic turnovers, and Jalen Hurts’ sore shoulder, the Eagles, according to 538, are no better than any other. They still have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl than any team. So don’t panic, don’t worry and don’t skip the ship. Gardner Minshew was fine on Sunday, and the Eagles will do just enough to win somewhat comfortably and secure the No. 1 seed for his fifth time in the last 21 years.

Eagles 27, Saints 20

Dave Zangaro (12-3)

The Eagles should be able to win on Sunday even with Gardner Minshew at quarterback. They haven’t given up more than 20 points in a single game since his November 7th. There are some really good individual pieces on the other side of the ball, like Cam Jordan and DeMario Davis. some key areas. Their receiver should be able to beat these corners he goes one-on-one, even with the recent emergence of young corner Aronte Taylor. The Saints boasted the NFL’s top rushing defense last year until the Eagles beat them. But they need to have a balanced approach to getting 20+ in this game.

When it comes to the Saints offense, not many players have to stay up late like Jonathan Gannon. Andy Dalton is working and players like Alvin Kamara, Chris Olave and Taysom Hill are set to play. However, it is unlikely that this will be enough. And I think the Eagles’ pass rushes, especially their interior rushers, keep every game entertaining. The Eagles won his franchise-record 14th game to earn the top seed in the NFC.

Eagles 27, Saints 17

Barrett Brooks (12-3)

Jalen Hurts may not be playing the Saints this week. That being said, I have complete confidence in Gardner Minshew. Minshew will also put together a good game and feel a little more comfortable on offense. The Byrds must come into the match with a good running game. Miles Saunders splits first rep numbers with backup due to knee pain. Jacques Driscoll would be a potential starter in the RT position. Driscoll plugs in and thinks he will do a good job as a starter, but OC he needs Shane Steichen to respond to the attack by giving him some extra help on the right side of the line.

On defense, DC Jonathan Gannon must stop the Saints’ run game. Alvin Kamara is very talented and adding him Taysom Hill to the Wildcat package will give him a boost in defense. En route to the QB on pass downs, it’s up to the defense to gain penetration and tackle runs. Andy Dalton is an excellent veteran QB who doesn’t have the arsenal on the outside to beat a talented Eagles secondary.

Eagles 26, Saints 12

Mike Mulhane (13-2)

There’s nothing like another Gardner-Minshew maniac jolt to help nurse that New Year’s Day hangover. Eagles look to secure No. 1 seed in NFC as Jalen Hurts doubts whether to play Sunday As , we turn again to the backup quarterback. Minshew may look like someone straight out of his street mama’s clubhouse, but he served as a quality starter against the Cowboys last week, putting him within 19 yards of a win over the Eagles. I put it in He’s looking forward to another big game in free agency with the Saints. Heck, he might be auditioning to be the next season’s starter.

New Orleans is betting big on itself this year as part of a move to send a 2023 first-round pick and a 2024 second-round pick to the Eagles and pick up an additional first-round pick in 2022. did Quarterback play by Jameis Winston and now Andy Dalton. No. 1 seed and top 10 pick? Not a bad way to welcome 2023.

Eagles, 27; Saints, 16

Adam Herman (14-1)

Jalen Hurts sidelining for another week means the Eagles have not lived up to their potential to dominate the league.

Last week they lost to a much better Dallas team due to an injury to Hearts. Don’t worry too much this week.

The Saints entered Sunday’s Week 17 showdown ranked 20th overall in the DVOA, with high defensive ball skew (13th) and low offensive ball skew (22nd). 5 of his 9 losses are 1-point games, but 5 of his 6 losses are also 1-point games. New Orleans is a very average football team, the answer to what happens when a roster lacking the talent to make a difference meets a miserable division.

New Orleans has managed to place Andy Dalton at quarterback. While he certainly wasn’t bad — a 66.2% completion percentage and his 7.5 yards/attempts — he wasn’t great either. I am doing an interception. He’s just… there. And his only real passing threat is Chris Olave, who is quietly looking to put up 1,000 yards in his rookie season. Other than Olave and the occasional screen or dump-off to Alvin Kamara, the Saints pass his game without a problem.

The Eagles should have no problem keeping New Orleans under 20 points.

The focus then shifts to the Eagles’ offense, with Gardner Minshew at the helm for another week. He finished on a solid stat line and ran well enough last week, but anyone who actually watched the game and didn’t just trawle the stat sheets would say the Byrds’ offense has been better than the entire season against Dallas. I know it was a lot more tense than the Hurts, where the offense hummed and sang. For Minshew, it was more troublesome.

But with a week under his belt and an untalented (though not bad) defense lined up across from him, Minshew thinks he can order this offense to just a handful of touchdowns. increase. He needs to calm his pocket presence and focus more targets on his pass catching his options in his three elite Eagles namely AJ Brown, Devonta his Smith and Dallas Goudart. is needed. Now is not the time to make Kes his Watkins your new best friend.

Birds keeps things relatively simple, drills down to the basics, and hopes to beat Saints without too much effort.

Eagles 28, Saints 17

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