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UPMC Raises Minimum Starting Salary for Employees to $18

PITTSBURGH (WTAJ) — UPMC has announced plans to increase the minimum starting salary for entry-level positions to $18 an hour in the next few years.

UPMC made the announcement on Thursday, saying the pay hike is an effort to support its workforce, attract new employees and remain an employer of choice in the healthcare industry. The $18 per hour fee will be enforced at UPMC Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Williamsport area hospitals by January 2025. By January 2026, additional UPMC sites in Southwest Pennsylvania, West Pennsylvania, West Maryland, and Southwest New York will also reach $18 per hour.

UPMC said the move was based on ongoing market assessments and cements its reputation as a preferred employer with industry-leading comprehensive compensation packages, a focus on work-life balance and significant career advancement opportunities. I said yes.

At $18 an hour and maxing out on UPMC’s salary and benefits package, you’ll earn the equivalent of $27 an hour. Available benefits are:

  • Percentage Matched Retirement Savings Plans by UPMC
  • Defined benefit pension plan fully funded by UPMC
  • Merit programs that reward the performance of qualified employees
  • Tuition assistance for employees and their families
  • First Dollar Healthcare Insurance for Entry Level Positions
  • paid parental leave
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • substantial paid vacation
  • New benefits for 2023
  • Subsidized Emergency and Backup Child and Elderly Care Options
  • Increased fertility

UPMC Senior Vice President John Gary said, “In addition to this adjustment to new employee wages, we are actively changing our salary range each year to align with market movements and continue to be the healthcare employer of choice. I am doing it,” he said. “At $18 an hour, a UPMC employee can earn more than double Pennsylvania’s current minimum wage.”

Wages and benefits for union-represented UPMC employees will continue to be negotiated by their respective unions.

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UPMC is Pennsylvania’s largest non-governmental employer with more than 95,000 employees. For more information on their career, please visit his website at: Careers.upmc.com.

https://www.wtaj.com/news/regional-news/upmc-to-raise-minimum-starting-wage-to-18-for-employees/ UPMC Raises Minimum Starting Salary for Employees to $18

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