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Ultenic Smart K10 Air Fryer- Can Be Control By Your Phone & Even Your Voice!

Why air fry foods? Air frying is a fantastic way of cooking foods with hot circulating air. It’s one of the most popular ways to cook crisp as well as healthy foods. And we can see this cooking method is becoming more and more popular. Air Fryer, threfore, become an welcomed and useful kitchen gadget. When you are searching best kitchen appliances, air fryer will be one that most mentioned.

Air fryers with Oil-free allow you to prepare healthier dishes. Today, we are introducing one of the latest generation for you to consider, it’s called Ultenic K10 Smart Air Fryer. Available on Amazon with fast shipping.

Ultenic Smart K10 Air Fryer- Can Be Control By Your Phone & Even Your Voice!

Thanksgiving is on the way, time to consider what big meal to prepare with it!

The Ultenic air fryer uses 360 degree high temperature hot air to distribute throughout the machine cavity, and quickly locking the moisture inside the food, making the food crispy outside and tender inside. No more that much air to fry foods, but with the great taste of fried things to enjoy.

Built-in digital display screen and the large intuitive buttons at the top of the panel, it is easy to start and monitor your cooking without bending over – just one touch, no frying, no skills, no oil.  Not only can it fry chicken, patatos, but also baked steaks cake, vegetables, sea foods….all kinds of food can be properly handed over to it, calorie reduction in the case of appetite to get a big satisfaction.

Ultenic Smart K10 Air Fryer- Can Be Control By Your Phone & Even Your Voice!

You also can customize the recipes on the app and set your favorites. Any new recipes you learn, set the time and temperature, start the machine. And next time, you can enjoy the same delicious food again easily. It’s not just the smart app control raise our interest, but you can also configure it with Alexa to control it from another place in your house with an Echo speaker that you have installed. No problem to use to Google Home too, and the seller said, they will support Apple HomePod on December. What a big news for Apple users!

In addition, the non-stick coating process on the bottom of the pan makes it easy to clean. Just put it in the dishwasher. Easy, right?

BTW, we noticed people complained about some air fryers with plastic smell. Ultenic told the cooking part of the machine is metal material, no more weird smell when cooking.

Ultenic Smart K10 Air Fryer- Can Be Control By Your Phone & Even Your Voice!

Below are some specifications of Ultenic K10 air fryer. Check if you are interested.

Come with a 5.3-quart large square basket capacity for the whole family.

WiFi support and can be controlled via Ultenic app.

Work with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

The advanced touch panel includes 11 preset cooking program.

East to control and monitor cooking, set the temperature, schedule.

Customize and favorite your recipes and 100 chef-created online recipes via app.

The nonstick cooking basket is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, BPA free.

What do you think about the Ultenic K10 Smart Air Fryer? Would you be interested in a home appliance with APP control?


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