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Tyrone Borough Council votes to end fire safety inspection program

Tyrone, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – The Tyrone Borough Council decided not to proceed with the fire safety inspection program at its monthly meeting on Monday, April 10.

The Council voted 3 to 2 not to proceed with the program. It was originally intended to address the council’s concerns about downtown commercial buildings and whether they had the necessary fire protection equipment.

The Hookies and Neptune Volunteers fire department was supposed to conduct an inspection, but has said it lacks the time and personnel to do so.

“I don’t think the fire department should be like that,” said council member Rob Poust. “It shouldn’t be on your shoulders, no matter what. I don’t think it should have been shouldered to go to places for inspections, moving forward or not.”

The council debated whether to hire an outside agency to advance the program or hire new employees to do so.

“I’m sorry for our tax base,” said council member Willime Weiser. “We don’t have the money to hire other people to do this. and have the money they can generate to hire someone to do this.”

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Tyrone Mayor William Latchford voted against moving forward with the proposal, instead focusing on educating on the importance of having necessary equipment such as fire extinguishers and carbon dioxide detectors. Said it should.

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/tyrone-borough-council-votes-to-end-fire-safety-inspection-program/ Tyrone Borough Council votes to end fire safety inspection program

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