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Two people charged in crash that killed two

Authorities on Tuesday announced charges against two men whose cars collided during a pop-up car rally in southern New Jersey over the weekend, one of which killed two people.

Police across multiple communities struggled to control the chaotic situation. Videos on social media showed the modified vehicle revving its engine and slowing to the cheers of the crowd on the street. NJ.com report. WCAU-TV said social media posts showed drivers hanging out of their cars in circles, as well as burnouts, drifts and crashes.

Cape May prosecutors and Wildwood Police previously said Gerald White, 37, of Pittsburgh was charged with vehicular death, vehicular assault and other charges. Another car occupant, Timothy Ogden, 34, was killed, and then two pedestrians collided, killing Lindsey Weekland, 18, of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday, authorities announced an aggravation of Linden’s assault on 31-year-old Eryk Wnek and a car assault. They allege he burned out in his car on Saturday, colliding with another vehicle and then a slow-moving vehicle, seriously injuring the driver and also injuring a woman and four young passengers. .

Both defendants were assigned public counsel but retained private counsel. A message seeking comment was left to Wnek’s attorney on Tuesday, and officials said he had not received documents from White’s attorney, and White’s listed number was not found on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Jeffrey Sutherland linked both crashes to a rally of unlicensed cars aside from the Fall Classic Car Show in Wildwood.

“The tragic and dangerous events of the past few days in Wildwood, Rio Grande, Seaville, and surrounding communities were mistakenly the direct result of pop-up car rally organizers who self-identified as H2Oi or H2O22. No. After White’s arrest.

Attendees say the event will provide a chance for enthusiasts to come together and check out the cars, but officials in other areas, such as Ocean City, Maryland, have dismissed the problems stemming from events over the past few years. I am reporting.

“Without planning, staging, or permitting, we caused the chaos that led to these casualties by directing thousands of people driving high-performance vehicles into the area,” Sutherland said. He also pledged to “prompt and appropriate law enforcement and legal response” to such an event.

The Press of Atlantic City reported that Wildwood Crest police made 102 motor vehicle stops and issued 61 subpoenas. That’s a lot more than his usual September weekend. In North Wildwood, Mayor Pat Rozenero said police wrote 120 tickets for him. Police in Middle Township stopped 80 cars and issued 40 subpoenas, but police chief Christopher Reisner said they had collected more subpoenas and information likely to lead to charges. .

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