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Two best friends build a pavilion area for the Eagle Scout Project

Somerset County, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – Two friends from Conemaugh Township Middle-Senior High School are undertaking ambitious work for the Eagle Scout Project.

Evan Thomas and Nathaniel Denault decided to build a pavilion and picnic tables next to the stadium. The idea came from observations they had at soccer games and in classrooms.

Thomas and Denault collaborated on this effort and assigned themselves to the work. Thomas was in charge of the pavilion and Denau was in charge of the picnic table.

They were both looking for a challenge in this project. Additionally, they believe it will benefit the school by providing dining areas and outdoor classrooms during sporting events.

“I wanted something to challenge myself a little bit,” Evan said. We decided that we wanted to build a pavilion in the park so that everyone could escape the weather. I have.”

“We had the idea to do this,” Denno said. I made the tables and benches first, and Evan took the lead in building the pavilion. “

The boys pitched the idea to the school board a few months ago. The Council responded positively to the idea. But they recognized how ambitious the task was.

The next step was raising money to get the materials to build. Dennou said he sought donations from VFW, Lions Clubs and local rotaries. Mr. Thomas said within a month he was able to raise $10,000.

Evan’s father, Jason Thomas, said it would be great to have his son take the job. He believes it has been needed for a long time.

“It’s amazing how all the local businesses, community members, and people at the school offered their support and jumped at the opportunity,” Jason said. “Not only to provide a pavilion here, but also to help the Boy Scouts.”

Evan and Denault spent most of Friday working in the pavilion. Deneau completed the picnic table in one day with the help of his men.

They are grateful that they graduated better than when they started school. Denault says that’s one of his main messages behind being his scout for Eagle. Jason is proud of how much his son has grown since joining the Scouts.

“This is what I hope he will use this experience for the rest of his life,” Jason said. “It’s a highlight of what he’s learned in Scouting and applying it as he moves forward. I’m really proud to be his father.”

Donneau said he and Evan have been best friends since kindergarten.

Denault attends St. Francis College, majors in general engineering, and attends aviation concerts. Evan attended the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, majoring in mechanical engineering.

We are both proud to make the pavilion area available for generations. Additionally, they are happy to leave a long-term mark on the school.

“It’s nice to come back 20, 30 years later and leave an impression on everyone who comes here,” Evan said.

β€œIt feels good, but I also feel that as an Eagle Scout, finishing a job better than when you came in is only part of the story. We will leave it in a better place.”

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The work will be finished in a few days. Teams then paint the outside and place plaques with their sponsors.

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/two-best-friends-build-pavilion-area-for-eagle-scout-project/ Two best friends build a pavilion area for the Eagle Scout Project

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