Top Stories from the Lehigh Valley Area You May Have Missed Last Week

Kolbe Academy closed

Kolbe Academy, the nation’s first Catholic high school for students in recovery from addiction, It will not resume for the upcoming 2023-24 academic year. Allentown Catholic Diocese spokesman Matthew Kirby said Kolbe said he will remain open for the rest of the 2022-23 school year but has no plans to reopen after the summer.

Double Murder in Allentown Not Prosecuted

No prosecution in ‘extremely unfortunate case’ Two men were killed in a double gunshot in East Allentown last month. The Lehigh County District Attorney’s Office acquitted everyone involved in the crime in a statement Tuesday, but it also found evidence that two men broke into a car, as one of the shooting victims thought. I didn’t.

The Lehigh River Named One of the Most Endangered Rivers in the United States

of Lehigh River Named 7th Most Endangered River In the United States, American Rivers in its “America’s Most Endangered Rivers” report released Tuesday. The report cites a proliferation of warehouses and distribution centers and poor planning in the valley as risks to the river’s health.

Easton cop acquitted of wrongdoing in civil trial stemming from block party brawl

Easton police used appropriate force to push 71-year-old woman away A federal jury ruled Tuesday to take son into custody during a block party that turned into a brawl. was accused of knocking Ramona Colón to the ground, stomping, and tasing her unconscious while attempting to arrest Orialis Figueroa Colón.

A man wants his “weaponized” car back. DA says no

Slatebelt resident Jason Musicato, who served time on a weapons charge linked to the midnight explosion, filed a lawsuit Tuesday to get the two cases back. of his confiscated car. District Attorney Terry Hauk said Musikato had equipped the vehicle to fire projectiles and other items that could harm others, explaining why he would not release the vehicle. bottom.

Police say teenage employee put sewing needle in food at Lower Mackenzie Giant Supermarket

a A teenage worker at a Giant supermarket in Lower Macungie has been accused of leaving a sewing needle. For bagged vegetables, delicious cakes and other items. Customers who purchased food at Giant between April 13 and Wednesday were advised to check for signs of tampering, state police said.

According to a new report, air quality in the Lehigh Valley remains among the worst in the country, with experts saying increased truck traffic is a factor. (Wake-up call document photo)

Lehigh Valley air quality is one of the worst in the country

The Lehigh Valley continues to have some of the worst air pollution of any major metropolitan area in the country., according to the American Lung Association’s new 2023 Aviation Situation Report. One reason for the consistently poor air quality in this area is the shape of the valley. This valley reduces airflow from the area and traps pollutants, pollen, mold, etc. Another reason, according to one expert, is increased truck traffic.

Lehigh University Police Investigate Campus Hate Crime

Lehigh University Police Investigating Hate Crime Against Black Students It happened over the weekend, according to a university spokesperson. The student was assaulted multiple times by a group of whites who shouted racist comments at the student from a passing car, the university said Thursday. Top Stories from the Lehigh Valley Area You May Have Missed Last Week

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