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Top-Rated Attractions to Visit in Pennsylvania

pennsylvania is an amazing state that attracts a lot of tourists. Indeed, there is a lack of top-tier resorts. However, there are a lot of unique places that travelers enjoy exploring. Each of them brings the ability to dive deep into history and discover how people lived one of several centuries ago. If you’re planning a trip to Pennsylvania or are already there, you should visit at least a few places from the list below. They will help you broaden your overview and have a great time.

Hershey Park and Factory Tour

Hershey’s is a beloved chocolate manufacturer. The company also produces bakery and other products for sweet-tooth people. In case you’re one of them, it’s mandatory to visit the factory. It offers the opportunity to book a tour to dive into the world of chocolate production. It is an amazing attraction for both kids and adults. A tour can help discover how sweets are produced. Moreover, it is very entertaining for kids, thanks to professional animators in different costumes. Those who like to dive into history can visit the former factory and explore the sweets production processes of the past.

Nevertheless, there is Hershey Park that most kids love. It’s an amazing place to have fun. It’s a large amusement park with a large number of rollers. There are a lot of rides for visitors of any age. Kids get entertained by professional staff and can enjoy small gliders, slides, and rides. However, adults can tease their nerves by riding fast roller coasters.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

There are a lot of areas on Earth where people don’t use the Internet. The Pennsylvania Dutch Country is one of them. However, there are no technical issues. Lancaster County has a large Amish population that refuses to use modern-age technology. Their kids cannot open a browser to read the SpeedyPaper review to find out if it is a good paper writing service. They need to learn hard by themselves or ask their friends for help.

Nevertheless, the county has its charm that allures tourists. There are a lot of cute places and houses. People have barns, horses, and well-maintained houses. They don’t use cars and wear simple clothes. They have only several outfits, so minor problems don’t bother them.

Gettysburg National Military Park

The three-day battle near Gettysburg takes a large place in Civil War history. It was a massive fight that took the lives of a large number of people. However, it resulted in the retreat of the Confederate Army. These days, there is a large historical site established. By visiting the military park, you will be able to dive deep into the atmosphere of the fight.

There are a lot of monuments that can help you learn more about the battle. Also, there is a large number of weapons gathered. All visitors are free to explore the places where soldiers fought and check the cannons. Also, they can explore the strategies of armies and what soldiers used except guns and cannons to defeat the enemy. They can walk around, explore the landscapes and find the building where locals lived.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Heading to Philadelphia, it’s obligatory to visit the Museum of Art. Even if you don’t like spending your time staring at pictures, the museum has what to offer. The building itself is very impressive. The museum’s stairs is a famous place from the “Rocky” movies. Therefore, it is a magnet for fans of the movie. Inside, the building is spacious and has an outstanding interior. Therefore, it’s never overcrowded, even during busy hours. Also, you will be able to enjoy both art and architectural masterpieces.

Nevertheless, the museum is also great inside. There are a lot of collections from famous masters. It’s recommended to allocate plenty of time to not be in a hurry when exploring the exhibitions. Pay close attention and try to note as many details as possible. It will help you form an opinion about particular masterpieces.


It is a city in the north-western part of the state. It is named after Lake Erie. It is a lovely place that has access to a great lake. Erie is an attractive location for tourists who visit the state in summer. There, they can explore the local life that is connected with the port. Tourists can rent a boat and have a lot of water activities. Also, there is a large white lighthouse that draws the attention of travelers.

There are a lot of spots for those who want to get rid of the hustle and bustle of large cities. The Presque Isle State Park is one of them. It is a peninsula in the lake that can be reached via a narrow road. The park offers access to a large number of great trails. Tourists head to the spot to find amazing landscapes and look for some colorful rocks. In a nutshell, they are pieces of glass that are washed to the shore.


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