Top Democratic candidate shares plan to clean up streets – NBC10 Philadelphia

Cleaning up and greening our neighborhoods is one of the concerns of most mayoral candidates.

Everyone wants a clean city.

But what’s the correct way to get it done?

Whoever is elected to the highest office in the city of Philadelphia can decide the fate of Philadelphia. mechanical street cleaning pilot programan effort to clean up communities across cities, has been controversial because some people don’t want to move their cars for cleaning supplies.

“We need to clean up the streets. It’s the only big city that doesn’t have a citywide cleanup. We need to pick up the trash on time.” Democratic candidate and former mayor Rebecca Linhart said recently.

Cleaning and greening the Philadelphia area is part of Rhynhart’s. safety planasked the Streets Authority to improve street lighting, asked the Licensing and Inspections Office to clear out unsafe lots, and block off vacant buildings, which were listed as targets for her to focus on if elected.

“Brighter streetlights, cleaner streets, all of this is part of addressing this public safety issue,” said a former city council member and Democratic mayoral candidate. Sherrel Parkertold NBC 10.

the pillar of Parker’s Safety Plan It revolves around quality of life issues. She advocates continued funding, and in some places increased funding, for programs such as roadside machine cleaning, graffiti removal, securing vacant lots and abandoned buildings, and solving ongoing litter pick-up problems. I was.

She will also seek more streetlights and additional funding to empower Philadelphia’s L&I department to address quality-of-life issues.

Former city council member turned Democratic mayoral candidate Alain Domb He told NBC10 that if elected, he would consider addressing the garbage issue “on day one.”

“My grandmother used to say to me, ‘Cleanliness is next to piety,'” he said. I’m going to ask for help from all the citizens of this city from.We can’t do this alone.We need their help.”

of List of 10 Actions Domb said that if he is elected, he will work hard to achieve it in the first 100 days. He said communities that are cleaned and greened can see a decline in criminal activity, along with getting new street lighting, increasing tree canopies and providing access to green space.

Former city council member and Democratic mayoral candidate herenzimand help clean and green neighborhoods to reduce crime.

but, gym plan Neighborhood cleaning could get ahead of most other candidates, as she’s considering creating a separate sanitary waste management department. She also wants to increase litter picking and lighting in areas most affected by violence and illegal dumping.

And in her first year, if elected, she said she would work to block 50% of vacant homes and tow 10,000 abandoned cars.

The grocery store became a Democratic candidate for mayor, Jeff Brownwhich addresses the garbage pickup problem frankly one of his campaign ads.

“It’s about city services. Pick up the damn trash,” he says in the ad.

In his safety plan, Brown likens cleaning and greening neighborhoods to grocery store aisles, saying cleaner streets reduce crime and help residents feel proud of their communities.

“At my store, the aisles are clean, the parking lot is well-lit, and the entire area is safe. That’s how we honor our customers. Somehow, city hall missed the memo,” he said. Read Brown’s Safety Plan.

He plans to hire more workers in the Philadelphia street department, perform regular street sweeps, and provide sanitation workers with the equipment they need to keep all neighborhoods clean. There is

Brown said he also hopes to revive the anti-littering initiative. zero waste cabinetclosed in 2020 by Mayor Jim Kenny. Top Democratic candidate shares plan to clean up streets – NBC10 Philadelphia

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