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Top 11 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Views (Safe & Real)

Look at this simple mathematical correlation. (I hope you didn’t skip math class in high school).

Mr. A bought 5k Instagram views for $2 from a cheap vendor online.

Mr. B bought 500 views for the same amount ($2).

Who do you think got the best deal?

I bet you’re tempted to say, Mr. A. But, alas, it’s the other guy.

No internet vendor specializing in real Instagram views will sell 5k views for $2. Only vendors who specialize in bot packages can provide this. Sooner or later, Mr. A’s view count will drop, as all the viewers are spambots.

In contrast, Mr. B, who got 500 views for $2, has likely purchased authentic views – viewers that will comment, like, and interact with his videos.

This is a brief illustration of the difference between real Instagram views and spambots.

Before we move into list, we conclude that #1 site is Likes.io as per big media publications like Times of India, Us Magazine, Whidbeynewstimes, Buffalonews, Madison, Stltoday, Business review, Abc15, BellevueReporter, FederalWayMirror, Fox13now, and Tampabay.

Below are 11 websites selling strictly real Instagram views.

  1. Likes.io
  2.  Stormlikes.net
  3.  Followers.io
  4. Social-Viral.com
  5. Buytoplikes
  6. Lightninglikes
  7. Fluidbuzz
  8. Buzzvoice
  9. Digitalaxen
  10. Instaquiire
  11. Fansoria
  12. Famousblast

11 best sites to buy Instagram views (safe & real)


Likes.io is where influencers and celebrities come to buy Instagram views. Whether for Stories, live videos, regular video posts, and IGTV, likes.io has a unique system that delivers authentic views to your posts.

You won’t find fake Instagram views here. Only authentic views from real accounts.

The company has a constantly-growing network of Instagrammers whose primary duty is to watch and interact with people’s videos. When you order to buy Instagram video views on Likes.io, you’re simply requesting that they send a fraction of these viewers your way.

Lastly, people buy Instagram followers here, too.


When it comes to Instagram promo packages, nobody comes close to Stormlikes – both in terms of pricing and quality.

Are you looking to buy Instagram likes that get delivered instantly? Do you want to buy Instagram followers that have profile pictures? Or maybe your preference is to buy Instagram video views? Whatever the case may be, Stormlikes is happy and ready to serve you.

Visit their website today to buy Instagram views that engage with your videos. You won’t regret it.


While the first two companies discussed are IG promo companies, Followers.io is more of a growth company.

What a growth company does is that they take your account and treat it as though it’s theirs until your targets are reached. When you express your desire to buy Instagram views from Followers.io, the company commits your page in the hands of a growth expert who deploys strategic campaigns to drive genuine viewers to your page.

The result of this is a sudden spike in your Instagram views, which you’ll notice immediately after your order is complete.


Traditionally, Social-Viral is where you go to buy Instagram followers. Then later, the platform made provisions for people who wanted to buy Instagram likes.

Today, not only can you buy followers Instagram and likes on Social-Viral.com, but there’s also provision for you to buy Instagram video views.

As one of the oldest providers in the industry, quality is never an issue with Social-viral.com. Having served for more than a decade, you bet that the company knows what it’s doing.

If you’d like to buy Instagram views without compromising your account’s integrity and security, this should be your go-to plug.


As the name implies, you can bet this is a company that prides itself on the speed of its delivery.

Whether you want to buy Instagram views, comments, shares, or buy Instagram likes for your Stories; this company has the capacity to deliver at lightning speed.

They say it takes between two and fifteen minutes to deliver your views, but from experience, it usually takes around 3 minutes for your order to arrive.

If you don’t have time to visit the site every time to buy Instagram views, you can order for their automatic views service. This gets you the views you need anytime you post a new video.

Mind you, all the Instagram views you get from lightninglikes.com are USA-based.


Looking to create more buzz around your business or influencer brand? Let Fluidbuzz.com help you achieve your dreams.

Here, the aim isn’t just to pad up your page with view count but rather to ensure the views lead to buzz. And the only way to achieve that is through engaging viewers.

Buying Instagram views from Fluidbuzz.com and get free likes, comments, and buzz on all your IG videos.

Trust me; it works like magic.


If you’re looking to buy Instagram views on a budget, this is the place to come. We said earlier that no provider of real Instagram views will offer ridiculous deals like $2 for 5k views. But there are still providers with pocket-friendly deals. One of such is Buzzvoice.com.

Here, you can get up to 100 pieces of a promotional package for as low as $0.97. For example, say you want to buy Instagram video views up to 100, you only have to pay $1 for that. To buy Instagram followers, the same price points hold. And so on.


This is the cheapest place on the internet to buy Instagram views. Here, you can find deals as low as 500 Instagram views for $1. And before you ask, Yes, all are premium quality views. You can verify by checking the pages of the viewers you get on the post.


Instaquiire.com is another credible provider of Instagram views. Although its price points are a bit on the upside, you get to benefit from hands-on account management. This is quite similar to the mode of operation of Followers.io, where you have an account manager handling your IG growth.


Fansoria.com deals mainly in international IG views. That means your viewers will be coming from Africa, Asia, Europe, America, and all of that.

There’s no room for audience targeting in this case, although your account gets to benefit from having premium quality viewers.

For businesses with an international customer base, Fansoria.com represents a good place to buy Instagram views for your business account.


Famousblast.com has some of the most robust packages you’ll ever come across in the industry.

For example, you can buy Instagram views up to 30k in one fell swoop on this site. This makes a lot of sense for pages with a large following but who would like to boost their social proof and overall outlook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about buying Instagram views

  1. How do I buy Instagram views online?

You can buy Instagram views by visiting the site of any of the providers in this post, although the first four are highly recommended.

  1. Will my account be banned if I buy Instagram views?

No, Never. Accounts are never banned from buying IG views. If you hear anyone saying their account was banned because they bought views, know that they’ve likely patronized a devious vendor.

  1. Should I buy Instagram views or followers?

You should plan to buy all. Your account will benefit greatly from having plenty of followers, views, and likes count.

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