Top 10 Online Gambling Trends

Gambling is a huge industry and it’s only getting bigger. By 2020, the gambling market in the Asia Pacific region is expected to reach $78 billion. This is because the number of gamblers in the Asia Pacific area will double by 2022. One can expect this would also increase online gambling which has been growing at a faster rate than other forms of gambling in recent years. Online gambling is expected to make up 25% of all global betting and gaming revenues by 2022. Finding a Casino online is not a big deal today but you should stay up to date to drive your gambling experience.

The following are among the top 10 trends for online gambling in 2022:

1) Introduction of real-money skill-based games 

2) Increased integration with sportsbooks 

3) Growth of traditional casinos into the online realm 

4) Legalisation of sports betting worldwide

5) Popularity of social casino gaming 

6) Rise in popularity of eSports betting 

7) Increase in decentralized blockchain casinos

8) Proliferation of virtual reality casino games 

9)  Mobile gambling overtaking desktop 

10) Rise of Bitcoin to challenge fiat currencies

10 Online Gambling Trends

  1. Introduction of real-money skill-based games 

Online casino players are becoming more interested in playing games that involve skill instead of chance, which has the potential to replace the typical slot machine. With this trend, mobile devices can become a powerful tool for introducing games in a social environment.

  1. Increased integration with sportsbooks 

In early 2017, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down PASPA, which means more states can now get into legal sports betting. This will create new opportunities for casino operators to offer an integrated experience to their customers by including sports wagering on their online platform.

  1. Growth of traditional casinos into the online realm 

Land-based casinos are also looking to grow their digital presence by creating new gambling opportunities in various locations, such as airports, malls, and city centers. This is expected to drive growth for more innovative companies that can offer these services without building anything physical.

  1. Legalization of sports betting worldwide 

The global sports betting market is expected to exceed $133 billion by 2022. Sports betting has been legalized in the UK and it’s also popular in countries like Australia, Mexico, and France, which will drive revenue for online gambling companies that provide this service.

  1. Popularity of social casino gaming 

These games are more popular among younger players who are more familiar with social media and mobile devices. This type of online gambling can attract a new generation of gamblers who play for free while monetizing in-game purchases.

  1. Rise in popularity of eSports betting 

Professional players have huge followings among loyal fans that also love to bet on matches. According to research, 48% of eSports enthusiasts around the globe are likely to bet on eSports.

  1. Increase in decentralized blockchain casinos 

Blockchain technology has started to gain traction with traditional casino operators, who believe that cryptocurrency can provide more flexibility and security for their customers.

  1. Proliferation of virtual reality casino games 

Virtual reality enables players to be treated like VIPs as soon as they enter an online casino. As more players are looking to be pampered, this will drive revenue for companies that offer luxury services with their virtual reality casinos.

  1. Mobile gambling overtaking desktop 

The percentage of mobile users accessing online casinos has surpassed those that use desktop devices, which means web developers should focus on building highly-optimized mobile-friendly casino games.

  1. Rise of Bitcoin to challenge fiat currencies 

The virtual currency has the potential to make online gambling safer and more accessible for players in emerging markets where banking is not widely available. This will allow more people to risk their money on an unregulated decentralized game with higher returns than traditional forms of gambling.


Online gambling is growing at a tremendous rate thanks to the increasing number of players and new technologies that make gaming easier. The emergence of innovative companies that utilize smart devices and blockchain technology can fuel this industry’s growth for many years into the future. 

Online gambling is becoming more popular as users show increasing interest in games that involve skill, increased integration with iGaming companies and sportsbooks, and the growth of traditional casinos into the online realm. Additionally, the legalization of eSports betting and sports betting worldwide will help push revenue for new technologies like blockchain and virtual reality. The last decade has shown that gambling, regardless of whether it’s done in casinos or online, can be a profitable and fun way to spend your free time.

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