Of what use is life without family, friends, and loved ones? These are people you can share your low and high moments with. You know yourselves just like the back of your hand, from your childhood to your adolescence and adulthood, nothing escapes their observant consciousness. A family collage can be just that one piece you need in capturing these reminiscent moments in a perfect mellifluousness.

These fleeting moments though not exhaustive may include a day out at the zoo, a family picnic in the park, the cinema, or the beach. It might also be a carefully curated expeditious holiday in a distant and obscure location on earth. It could also be a family collage of all your graduation ceremonies, or your big wins celebrations in sports and games, or even when the whole family visited grandma and grandpa.

Here are some essential tips on how to create your bespoke family collage.

There are a number of ways one can go about creating a bespoke family collage, however, you would have to first set out by collecting important materials for making the collage. Materials like the background paper(s), preferred color, scissors (where necessary), glue, safety pins, etc. would be necessary. Thereafter you would have to select your preferred background color. Thereafter, you would have to move on to the actual work of folding to the right size, cutting and tearing up the papers into different shapes and sizes to achieve your preferred aim.

It is nice to also develop a grand theme for the family collage. Your central theme might be a time-out with grandma or grandpa, a visit to the cinema, or an art gallery or further extricated to a moment at grandma’s kitchen or grandpa’s garden amongst others.

At this stage it is essential to note that it is from this stage you may wish to add any form of embellishment to the collage before deciding on what to use in gluing the collage. This can be your wall or an already made surface. However, you need to assembly the scattered pieces before gluing the materials. It is after the preceding tasks have been successfully done that you can now glue the collage. This would require a reasonable amount of care and skill to avoid blotches and errors. The college should be allowed to dry properly before hanging on the wall. There is an additional task that may be done. You might need to also snap and print the collage. A perfect size that would hang on your wall space is all you need to electrify your space.

If you are unsure about whether or not to have your family collage, there is more good nice, right at your fingertips to convince you. Elephant Stock has a plethora of canvas photo print collage wall art you might want to look through for inspiration on how to create your own best photo print family collage. You should try it out.


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