Tim Ryan, J.D. Vance Are Hot For Ohio Senate Seat, New Poll Finds Out

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A Trump-backed venture capitalist and an incumbent congressman are in a tight race in Ohio’s Senate race.

Ohioans are less than two months away from choosing the next Buckeye senator, and a Suffolk University poll released Monday put Republican nominee JD Vance, 37, and Democratic nominee Tim Ryan in the US House of Representatives. (49) were shown to be in a heated battle for seats. Republican Rob Portman resigns.

a Suffolk University survey Of 500 Ohio voters over the two days in early September, Ryan would get 46.6% of the vote and Vance would get 45.6% if respondents voted in today’s November general election. I showed that.

  • Vote/Lean Ryan – Democrat: 46.6%
  • Vote/Lean Vance – Republican: 45.6%
  • Vote Others/Lean – 1.4%
  • Undecided: 6.4%

Of the respondents, 37.4% Republicans, 32.8% Democrats, 26.2% independents, and the remaining 3.6% listed their party affiliation as ‘other’ or undecided.

Ryan’s campaign spokesperson, Izzy Levy, said the slight lead demonstrates Ryan’s belief in Ohio citizens to “always put themselves first,” and dug down Vance as a “San Francisco scam.” rice field. [who] I am there just for myself.

A spokeswoman for Vance’s campaign declined to comment.

The candidates are evenly matched, but a Suffolk University poll found Ryan ahead of Vance in terms of approval ratings. His 46% of respondents said Ryan was generally favorable, in contrast to Vance’s 42% favorable rating of him.

Our findings are in contrast to the following results. Trafalgar Group late August survey That gave Vance, the author of hillbilly elegy from Middletown, a 4.6% lead over Ryan, just outside the poll’s 2.9% margin of error.

Ann Emerson College Poll Released in early August, the two are also enthusiastic, with Vance’s 3% lead within the poll’s 3.2% margin of error.

The Suffolk University poll also asked voters’ perceptions of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. The majority of Ohioans, or 53% of him, said they disapprove of Mr. Biden’s accomplishments, but, much like the US Senate election, they viewed Mr. Biden as slightly more favorable than his predecessor. It is done.

The latest poll asked voters about their preferred pick in the Ohio gubernatorial race between incumbent Gov. Mike DeWine and former Dayton mayor Nan Whaley, but the results are yet to be revealed. not.

But past polls conducted by the Trafalgar Group and Emerson College have shown DeWine ahead of Democratic challengers by about 16 points.

As with most elections, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Ohio State University Paul Beck told NBC4 in July Voters should take poll results with a grain of salt.

“It may not last long. Polls are like one-off snapshots of what voters are thinking,” Beck said. “But of course, between now and November, a lot of things could step in to change the situation.” Tim Ryan, J.D. Vance Are Hot For Ohio Senate Seat, New Poll Finds Out

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