Things to do in Texas City TX

Outside of Alaska, Texas is the largest US state, almost twice as big as Germany. Most of the time, people imagine wide outdoor spaces when thinking about Lone Stare state. Texas City, however, is a coastal town and a great representative of the Gulf part of the state. It’s a small town close to popular tourist hotspot Galveston, and it is part of the Houston metropolitan area. Important oil industry centre with a bustling harbour, Texas City is both a small town, big industrial centre, and an excellent hub for the beginning of your Texas road trip.

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Texas City attractions

Texas City Dike is a place to go if you want outdoor fun. You can walk, go fishing or kite surfing. Sunbathing on the beach or watching romantic sunsets are also viable options at this location.

With more than 30,000 square feet, Texas City Museum will teach you about the history of Galveston County. One of the most notable events in the town’s history, the Texas City Disaster from 1947, has a special place in the museum. You can also look at Dahlgren Cannon from U.S.S. Westfield and a dedicated interactive room for kids.

Travellers who like shopping can go to nearby Tanger Outlets Galveston with numerous outlet stores, restaurants, and shaded areas. Bay Street Park is among the most popular public places with concerts during the summer, and the park also has picnic spots and playgrounds.

Galveston beaches are also a great choice to enjoy the hot summer sun in the Gulf area. Just a 30-minute drive from adjacent Houston, you can visit Johnson Space Center and Mission Control. NASA space centre contains a space shuttle replica, first space station and other exhibits from the space race and newer era.

Visit Alamo

Moving further south from Texas City, you will come across San Antonio metropolitan area. The city’s Riverwalk is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state, with a beautiful walkway by the river that goes through the heart of the town. Countless bars, restaurants and well-maintained areas make the Riverwalk a significant attraction.

San Antonio is famous for the huge historical landmark, Alamo. The old colonial mission was a place of the battle between the Mexican army and Texians, the Anglo-American Texas inhabitants. Mexican forces defeated the crew of the Alamo, but the event turned out to be pivotal in Texas Revolution.

Things to do in Beeville Texas

On halfway between San Antonio and Corpus Cristi, you can find the small town of Beeville. The city is located in south Texas Brush Country, flat land with many rural homes, a popular spot for wildlife photography. The city has three prisons, and Gutzon Borglum, a sculptor of Mount Rushmore, lived here.

Among local attractions, you can visit Beeville Art Museum and historical places like Bee County Courthouse and McClanahan House Museum.


Things to do in Ranger Texas

If you head north of San Antonio, close to Dallas, you can explore the small town of Ranger. In the Eastland part of Texas, Ranger represents a typical small town with a couple of exciting attractions. Eastland Law Enforcement Museum is a historic 1897 building with numerous memorabilia and artefacts from the law enforcement history of the region. The jail housed Santa Claus Bank Robbers in the 1920s, and it was the site of the last public lynching in the state. You can also check out Stephens County Courthouse and Mingus Lookout Complex.

Whether you start or finish exploring Texas in Texas City, you can find excellent accommodation. The best way to start is by searching for the best hotels in Houston. The best places to stay include Four Season Hotel, the recently renovated Lancaster Hotel, The Houstonian with beautiful gardens and a spa. A few steps from the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, you can try to book a room in Hotel ZaZa. Other hotels with fantastic reviews in the area include Granduca and St. Regis.

But, before booking accommodation and plane tickets, make sure you have a valid ESTA Visa. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enter the country.

Bottom line

In a vast state as Texas, you can travel for weeks and still find exciting new places and things. However, if you want to experience the Lone Star State beyond the top attractions, you can visit small towns like Texas City, Ranger and Beeville. They have the best of both worlds, small-town atmosphere and are close to significant metropolitan areas of Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas.

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