The Youngstown, Ohio City Council passes a roof replacement program.City Councilman Samantha Turner Vote ‘No’

Youngstown, Ohio (WKBN) — A Plans to spend $3 million of American Rescue Program funds on roof replacement Youngstown passed the city council on Wednesday night.

This is an aggressive plan. Between now and the end of next year, we will replace 250 roofs. There was a lengthy debate before it was passed. Ultimately, the vote was 6 to 1, with City Councilman Samantha Turner voting against.

Mike Durkin is responsible for law enforcement and demolition for the City of Youngstown.

“We are in the process of transitioning to begin preserving some of our properties,” Durkin said.

At the city council meeting this Wednesday, Durkin was tasked with answering questions about Youngstown’s roof replacement program.

“It’s the elderly people who live in our cities who are at risk, who earn enough to live on, but not enough to replace their roofs,” he said. Mr Durkin said.

Durkin said there are 500 roofs in need of replacement.

The plan passed a request for $3 million ARPmoney This would require replacing the roofs of 250 homes. There are income requirements, but the number has not yet been determined, but the plan is to make it large enough to allow most people to participate.

Senator Turner voted against the rooftop program. She wondered why some of the money wasn’t going to mental health organizations that help people with cluttered homes.

“Whether it’s an item or an animal, we’re running into a situation of buying up,” Turner said. “I’m hearing band-aids, not cures. That’s why I’m asking for strategy.”

“I can’t believe this is a Band-Aid. If you look closely, I think the blue sheets are band-aids,” said City Councilman Mike Ray. “We have a triage situation here and we need to dedicate whatever resources we can to get it under control.”

“It’s not ‘just a Band-Aid’ when you have trash falling on you. When that water comes in, they can’t stay in the house,” said City Councilman Anita Davis.

City Councilman Julius Oliver said, “For the amount of money we have available, we’re happy to do what we can to help residents where they need help.”

The $3 million for the roof came from $8 million in ARP funding originally allocated for the demolition of 800 structures. But when the Mahoning County Land Bank secured funds to demolish 450 properties, it freed up money for roof replacement.

About 800 structures are scheduled to be demolished. The Youngstown, Ohio City Council passes a roof replacement program.City Councilman Samantha Turner Vote ‘No’

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