The safest and most dangerous days for DUI fatalities are:

Drunk driving remains a significant problem nationwide. But certain days are more dangerous on the road than others. money geek analyzed historical data from the U.S. Department of Transportation and Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to predict the most dangerous days, weeks and holidays for drunk driving (DUI) in the United States in 2023.

Key Findings:

  • MoneyGeek predicts 13,490 drunk driving deaths in 2023.
  • The historical trend in drunk driving deaths on which this prediction is based is increasing dramatically. DUI fatalities in 2021 are 23% higher than DUI fatalities in 2016, a level not seen since 2003.
  • Summer is the deadliest season, accounting for 28% of drunk-driving-related deaths.
  • Independence Day week is expected to be the deadliest week in 2023 with 311 deaths.
  • DUI-related deaths soared on New Year’s Day, 117% above the baseline average, making it the most dangerous holiday of the year for drunk driving.
  • 60% of drunk driving deaths occur on weekends (Friday to Sunday).
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DUI fatalities by season

There is no end to drunk driving incidents, but depending on the season, more drunk drivers than usual occur. Summer is the worst time to drive if you want to avoid drunk drivers. According to MoneyGeek’s analysis, 28% of DUI-related deaths are predicted to occur in the summer of 2023.

However, autumn is approaching summer when it comes to the number of deaths due to drunk driving by season, at 27%. Spring has caused him 24% of DUI incidents.Winter has its own seasonal danger That said, you should avoid drinking and driving during this cold season. Winter is the season with the lowest rate of DUI fatalities, at 21%.

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The most dangerous holidays for drunk driving

Now, don’t roll your eyes when someone warns you to be careful driving on your way home from New Year’s Eve celebrations. Heed their warnings. New Year’s Day has the highest number of drunk driving deaths of the year.

On New Year’s Day, someone is 117% more likely to have a DUI fatality than the seasonal trend and the day of the week it occurs. Unlike other holidays, where the celebrations span several days, New Year’s takes place overnight and drivers return home early in the morning on New Year’s Day. And to top it all off, many people get a full day off.

Independence Day is in second place, but far behind New Year’s Day. The risk of encountering a drunk driver on Independence Day is 77% higher than the trend. Thanksgiving is his third most dangerous holiday, with a 55% higher risk than trend.

Labor Day is fourth (54%) and Memorial Day is the fifth most dangerous holiday for drunk driving, with a 51% higher than average risk. Because many people tend to sit still on Christmas Day, the risk of being caught drunk driving is 9% higher than average.A line chart showing July 4th, the most dangerous day for drunk driving in 2023, with an estimated 308 fatalities.

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Days of the week when drunk driving is most dangerous

An analysis of drunk driving fatalities between 2017 and 2021 shows that Saturday will be the most dangerous day to drive in 2023, followed closely by Sunday. . Tuesday is the day of the week with the fewest drunk drivers.

Of all DUI-related accidents that occur in a given week, 23% are predicted to occur on Saturdays and 22% on Sundays. One of the reasons Sundays seem so deadly is that many drunk driving-related accidents occur after midnight.Cars speeding down country roads in summer.


the most dangerous week of the year

The most dangerous week of 2023 begins on Monday, July 3rd. Drunk driving accidents are expected to increase due to the effects of July 4th. People are taking a break from work, going on vacation, attending barbecues, visiting beaches and relaxing. Data show that some of these people drink too much and get behind the wheel.

The second most dangerous week for drunk driving in 2023 begins on July 31, when summer travel is in full swing. Extreme caution is required when driving at night. The week after August 7th is projected to have the third-highest number of DUI deaths, essentially the same as the week of July 31st.A person gets in the back seat of the ride share.


How to stay safe on the road while on vacation

Of course, there are only so many things you can do to protect yourself from drunk driving. For example, it’s impractical to drive only on Tuesdays, but if you don’t have to stay out late on your days off, you might not. Still, there are some strategies you can employ to stay safe on the road.

I have a designated driver.
If you’re drinking with friends, make sure the person behind the wheel isn’t drunk.

Please make a plan to return to your home country.
If everyone in your party is drinking and you don’t have a designated driver, decide in advance who will drive you home, whether it’s a family member or an Uber driver.

Make sure it is firmly fixed.
Of course, it’s always good advice for anyone in a car, whether or not they encounter a drunk driver. But Heather Jeronems, national president of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), said, “The best defense against drunk driving is to always wear seat belts and make sure children are properly restrained. That’s it,’ he advises.

Drive without distractions.
Sober or not, it doesn’t matter. If you drive, stay away from your phone and keep your eyes on the road, especially at night. Inattentive driving It is comparable to drunk driving when it comes to dangerous behavior on the road. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do if a drunk driver warns you towards your car, but being cautious can make a big difference in surviving a drunk driver encounter.A police car behind a pickup truck at sunset.


Effects of drunk driving

Heather Jeronems has become an expert on the effects of drunk driving on the victim’s side. In 2009, her father, Dr. Robert Geronems, a prominent nephrologist in Fort Lauderdale, was walking out of a medical conference dinner in downtown Miami when a car fled a red light. collided with

“First, it’s most important to consider what damage drunk driving can do to your family,” she says. “For a victim like me, you can’t put a price on the memories you’ll never make with a loved one.” “From an economic perspective, it is of utmost importance to understand how drunk driving harms society. It is estimated that drunk driving costs our country more than $130 billion annually. Much of the cost of driving is borne by taxpayers, not drunk drivers.This problem affects us all, and it makes economic sense to try to end drunk driving.” what is that Substantial financial cost For those who have been stopped for drunk driving? it’s not beautiful.

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that a first-time drunk driver could pay up to $10,000 in fines, legal fees, and more.” car insurance cost‘ says Geronemus.Person checking his financial status using laptop and paperwork.


Drunk driving has long-lasting economic consequences

What’s more, drunk driving continues to impact your wallet long after your first offense. Drunk driving can significantly increase insurance premiums.of cheapest car insurance premium It will soon be out of reach. You may be required to submit an SR-22, but you cannot do this yourself. The insurance company should file his SR-22 on your behalf, but not all insurance companies offer that option.

therefore, SR-22 is mandatory It would be beneficial for you to see if your insurance company can continue to provide coverage. cheapest car insurance premiums after drunk drivingor another company might save you at least a little money.

With the above in mind, if you feel tempted to save a little money and not hail an Uber because you don’t feel drunk after a few drinks, you should reconsider that decision. . The short-term cost of driving home could save thousands of dollars in DUI-related complications and potentially save lives.Inside the car with hands on the steering wheel.


Eradication of drunk driving

Heather Jeronems says one day the number of drunk driving accidents will definitely go down. Of course, it won’t be enough soon.

“MADD believes technology will eventually solve the drunk driving problem. We are working in the Capitol to support bills like the Act and the HALT Act.”

“The technology will be passive, so the driver won’t know it’s in the car unless there’s an obstacle,” Geronemus added.

But until then, driving defensively and never drinking and driving can help keep you and other drivers safe.Car tail lights driving on wet asphalt at night.



MoneyGeek analyzed drunk driving fatalities over the last five years. NHTSA FARS database A Bayesian time series forecasting model was used to predict the number of drunk driving deaths by day in 2023. The forecast model was fitted using a multiplication model (where the components are multiplied) with weekday, weekday, US holiday, and trendline components.

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MoneyGeek examined NHTSA data on fatal car crashes involving people with blood alcohol levels of 0.08g/dl or higher from 2003 to 2021.

this story Produced by money geek Reviewed and distributed by Stacker Media. The safest and most dangerous days for DUI fatalities are:

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