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The Right Way to Buy Limited-Edition Sneakers

Launch day is a high-stakes battleground for sneaker collectors, die-hard fans, and trend-setters, also known as sneakerheads. In this cutthroat shoe market, getting your hands on the holy grail can be challenging.

Sneaker bots are used to acquire (or “cop,” as the jargon goes) rare and expensive footwear. The bots remember your sizing, shoe preferences, and other relevant data and use it to fill in the blanks for you.

Fans can use a sneaker proxy together with bots to stock up on hot new kicks. Sneaker proxies are a fabulous way to shop without fear of obstruction, whether to increase your chances of sneaker copping or stocking up on multiples.

How Sneaker Bots Work

A sneaker or shoe bot is software that helps individuals purchase limited-edition footwear quickly. Competition is tough for highly coveted shoes. Therefore, sneakerheads need a way to grab available stock before they’re gone. Sneaker bots also come in handy to purchase products restricted to specific locations.

A sneaker bot functions by receiving credit card information, a name, and a shipping address. A user will need to key this data in so the bot can quickly submit forms. Speed is of the essence when copping sneakers. After that, the user will tell the bot what sneakers to purchase by entering product URLs or keywords. With the initiation of the bot, checkouts are a smoother process and happen much faster than the manual alternative.

Bots will search, find, and buy the sneakers once available, saving humans the time it would take to visit a website and do the same thing. That may sound nefarious, but it is just shoe buyers giving themselves a leg up. It’s the equivalent of someone buying a shipment of shoes at the docks before they reach the store warehouse. Furthermore, this is the only way for most people who are into collecting rare and expensive sneakers to get their hands on a pair.

Picking a Legit Sneaker Bot

Sneakerbots vary in price, but generally, they cost around $50 a month. Resist the urge to buy the cheapest shoe bot you can find. Remember that you often get what you pay for when purchasing a bot, so a more affordable one might not perform as well as others.

Here are some additional considerations to make when picking a reliable sneaker bot:

  • Lifetime updates
  • Dedicated support
  • Compatibility with multiple retail sites
  • Multiple account support
  • Multi-thread technology
  • Proxy support

The Need for a Sneaker Proxy

Sneakerheads who buy bots to aid in their shoe-copping venture need a proxy on their side. The main reason is to circumvent IP blocks. If you use your home IP address to shop for Nike or Adidas sneakers with bots, websites will flag your traffic as suspicious. This will result in a banned IP.

As limited-edition footwear doesn’t come by very often, sites implement a defense mechanism to limit the number of purchases per user. To overcome this restriction, you need a whole slew of IP addresses to appear as legitimate buyers.

Sneaker proxies put the process of purchasing sneakers with bots into hyperdrive. Similar to regular proxies, sneaker proxies act as a go-between for the end user and the sneaker website they are attempting to access. The proxies boost the success rate of copping because they simulate human browsing behavior. Plus, the internet traffic and data requests will look like they originate from actual desktop and mobile devices.

Proxies for Easycop, a popular shoe bot, enable customers to access sneaker websites from any location in the world and make purchases. It doesn’t matter if they’re buying from a country where the sneakers are unavailable.

When choosing proxies for sneaker bots, consider the below factors:

  • Location
  • Latency
  • Type
  • Pool size

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an efficient sneaker bot is only half the battle when it comes to the business of reselling sneakers. Buyers need to equip it with a reliable proxy. It’s hard to argue with all the positives associated with using a bot to shop for sneakers. That holds whether you’re an old hand at collecting sneakers or just getting your feet wet. While using a bot won’t guarantee you’ll get your hands on a pair of “grail” sneakers, it will increase your chances significantly.


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