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The man who lured a teen into an auto parts store in Clearfield

CLEARFIELD, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — A man in Clearfield is being charged after police said he was charged with trying to meet a 15-year-old boy.

Lawrence Township Police said 42-year-old Uncle Matthew was called by a group, 814 Pred Hunters, to meet someone believed to be a teenager.

Police reports said the uncle had sent messages about sexual activity to a teenager who was actually one of the members of the 814 group. He and the decoy were to meet at his O’Reilly Auto Parts on Haney Road.

When a group of 814 Pred Hunters attempted to confront his uncle, he fled the scene and was tracked to his house where the group was waiting for the police.

Uncles is, to our knowledge, the 10th man the group has accused of pretending to be a teenager on various messaging apps.

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According to police reports, the uncle is now facing charges of attempted corruption of a minor, attempted illegal contact with a minor, and criminal use of telecommunications facilities.

It is reported that a preliminary hearing is scheduled in the future.

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/man-accused-of-luring-teen-to-auto-parts-store-in-clearfield/ The man who lured a teen into an auto parts store in Clearfield

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