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The Long Dark Trail Review – A modern day fairy tale is a chilling family horror.movie

T.His terrifyingly speckled rural Pennsylvania fable evokes a deeply oppressive atmosphere, as if the film radiates straight from the deep reptilian brain of writer-director Kevin Ignatius and Nick Pushinakis. It should serve as a convenient business card for The occult trimmings of atmosphere and plot Panos Cosmatos 2018 movie Mandy But despite its apparently modest budget, this is an undeniably sharp technical challenge.

In a nerve-wracking prologue, dark-haired brothers Henry (Carter O’Donnell) and Jacob (Brady O’Donnell) cable their abusive father Duane (Michael Sire) to his bed and flee the cabin on a BMX. they have good reason. He once branded Henry with an iron during a scene of him bathing in a river. After a tip from a gardening customer, they head off cross-country, following a path her estranged mother (Trina Campbell) hopes will lead them to a better life. I decided to head north.

Ignatius and Psinakis deploy ominous drone shots of uninterrupted forest landscapes, hallucinogenic lens distortions, and PTSD-burned flashbacks to domestic horror, making this escapade eternally subjective. to Ignatius’ evocative scoring (from Appalachian his banjo to off-kilter electronics) takes things up a notch. One questionable choice is the flanging sound effect that applies to all dialogue. Perhaps it’s meant to suggest an emotional disconnect caused by trauma, but it alienates the siblings and confuses the understanding of the story.

The truth is, though, that aside from a few bits and pieces, there isn’t much to absorb. It’s intended to be woven into a fairy tale, but as it stands it feels rustic and generic rather than archetypal. Luckily, Ignatius and Psinakis’ agile visuals and wounded moods help maintain a vivid mythological footprint.

The Long Dark Trail will be available on digital platforms on February 21st.

https://www.theguardian.com/film/2023/feb/21/the-long-dark-trail-review-modern-day-fairy-tale-is-chilling-family-horror The Long Dark Trail Review – A modern day fairy tale is a chilling family horror.movie

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