The Game Commission makes it easy to license hornless

Modifications are available for hunters who purchase annual deer licenses for deer without antlers by mail.

Senate Bill 431 was signed into law last week allowing hunters to purchase hornless licenses through the HuntFishPA automated licensing service. Starting in 2023, when he enters into the 2024 license year, hornless licenses will be available for purchase online or in person at a licensing agency.

According to the Game Commission, many hunting organizations support the bill and see it as “the final step in modernizing licensing sales.”

Erie County Senator Dan Laughlin, chairman of the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee, said, “Having the ability to sell hornless deer hunting licenses through other means, such as online, or through issuing agents, would make a huge difference for hunters. It will be convenient for Senate Bill 431.

Game Commission Executive Director Bryan Burhans agrees.

“We thank the legislators of Pennsylvania, especially Speaker Laughlin, for working on this issue, and look forward to implementing a system that will provide hunters with excellent customer service,” Burhans said. Our mission at the Commission is not only to manage and protect wildlife and their habitats, but also to promote hunting and trapping for current and future generations. By modernizing , we can achieve both.”

Until now, Hunter applied for a hornless license by mail, sending the familiar pink envelope to the county treasurer, the only agency allowed to sell. They had to do this according to a set schedule, with varying deadlines based on state residency and sales rounds, and using address-stamped envelopes and paper checks.

In the past, the envelope system has reported problems for hunters obtaining licenses.

Before the start of the next licensing year, the Game Commission will inform hunters of the process for applying for hornless licenses under the new system.

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