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HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania’s May 16 primary is quickly approaching. Now is the time to understand who votes, when they vote, how they vote, where they vote, and more. If you need a refresher on registering and voting, visit Spotlight PA.

Democrats and Republicans consider candidates to run in numerous local and judicial elections, including state supreme courts, federal courts, and superior courts. Whoever wins these partisan primaries will face off in the November general election.

This year’s election is technically considered an “off-year” contest, but the name is misleading. These are an important race, and those elected this year represent the most basic levels of government, from running public schools and budgeting at the local level to the all-important interpretation of state law in courts of appeal. You will have power over some.

Read about the dates of the major primaries, information about the candidates on your ballot, tips on navigating your mail-in ballot, and more.

When is Pennsylvania’s 2023 primary election date?

Tuesday, May 16, 2023. Please mark your calendar.

When do ballots start for Pennsylvania’s 2023 primary?

Voting hours are 7am to 8pm

Can I register to vote?

The last day to register to vote is May 1st.can register here.

You can check if it is already registered here Using either your name and address, or state-issued identification.

Can Independents Vote in Pennsylvania Primary Elections?

registered with a third party or not registered with a third party; You cannot vote for major party candidates in important elections like the state Supreme Court.If you want to participate in a political party primary, you must change your registration to one of the parties by May 1st.

However, voters who remain independent may participate in special elections and voting initiatives.

There will be no statewide ballot questions in this year’s primary, but some municipalities may have their own questions.

There are also two special elections to fill vacancies in the state legislature on the first day.

One was held in the 163rd Legislative District outside Philadelphia, replacing former State Representative Mike Zabel (D.D.). resigned last month following accusations of sexual harassment. Another one of hers was in the 108th Legislative District in the Susquehanna Valley, where former Congressman Linda Schlegel held until her Culver (R-Northumberland) won the state Senate seat and resigned. .

federal voter registration tool — Simply enter your information and the site will let you know if you are registered and in which districts you can vote.

How do I change my party?

To change your party affiliation, fill in the same voter registration form first registered.

When filling out the form, simply select the box labeled “Change party”. If he registers within 15 days of the election, no changes will be made until the next election cycle.

Where Can I Vote in the Pennsylvania Primary Election?

If you vote in person, you can look up your polling place here.

Can I vote by mail?

I’m sure you can.Saw Pennsylvania’s Vote By Mail Act many of lawsuit of recent yearsbut it is legal to vote by mail throughout the Commonwealth.

How do I vote by mail?

You can request a mail-in ballot here Use either your state-issued ID or Social Security number.

When is the deadline for requesting a mail-in ballot?

Primary deadline is May 9, 2023.

How do I properly prepare my vote-by-mail ballot so that it is not discarded?

Remember the lawsuits over mail-in ballots we mentioned? Judge rulings in all of these lawsuits have shaped and reshaped the details of Pennsylvania’s vote-by-mail law over the years. Things may have changed since you last read it.

First, the basics: When you receive your vote-by-mail ballot, be sure to read the instructions and complete the front and back of each page. Once completed, place your ballot in the enclosed confidentiality envelope. The secret envelope will be labeled “Official Election Ballot”. Be careful not to mark this inner envelope. Also, don’t forget. Ballots with missing confidential envelopes may be discarded.

Finally, put the secret envelope in the self-addressed envelope. Don’t forget to sign and date the return envelope.For more information you can check here.

In several past elections, the county has accepted ballots with missing or incorrect dates on the outer envelope.thanks to Last year’s state Supreme Court ruling, that is no longer true. If the ballot does not have a date or if the date is outside the valid range, the ballot may be discarded.

Some counties will contact voters if there are ineligibility issues, such as a missing date or signature on a vote-by-mail ballot.However, the practice is not regulated federally, so there are slight variations from county to county, and many counties do not allow ballot curing at all. This Spotlight PA tool To check your county policy.

How do I mail my vote-by-mail ballot?

Your vote-by-mail ballot must be received by your county board of elections by 8:00 pm on Tuesday, May 16, the day of the primary election. another designated place or by mail.

If you choose to mail your ballot, please allow enough time for your ballot to arrive at your county elections office by 8:00 pm on the first day. Late arrivals due to mail delays or other issues are not counted.

You can check if your county uses dropbox hereand you can find the drop off location here.

Voters must return their ballots unless otherwise authorized. Only voters with disabilities can designate who will deliver their ballot.To officially nominate someone, please fill out this Complete the form and send it with your vote-by-mail ballot. If you have already sent in your vote-by-mail ballot, you can contact your local county elections office for information on where to submit your ballot.

How do I vote absentee?

Voting by mail and absentee ballots are very similar but different. Email voting needs no excuses. Absentee ballots taken prior to Pennsylvania’s 2019 mail-in ballot expansion need an excuse.

Most of the absentee ballot process is the same as for voting by mail. Apply online or download the form and send it to your county elections office.

However, unlike mail-in ballots, this application requires you to state the reason for your can find the application here.

When is the deadline to request an absentee ballot?

The primary deadline is May 9, 2023 at 5:00 PM.

Who are the voters?

All three statewide races this year are for Pennsylvania’s three Courts of Appeal. The Superior Court has two seats, the Federal Court has one seat, and the Supreme Court has one seat.

All Democratic and Republican primaries on the Supreme Court and the Federal Court are competitive, with at least two candidates vying for one seat. Superior Court Democratic primaries are also competitive, but Superior Court Republican primaries are not.

You can read more about Supreme Court Candidates hereand more about senior and federal court candidates here.

In addition, voters cast their ballots in various local elections, including seats on city councils, mayors, and school boards.

Most counties provide a preview of what your ballot will look like.You can find county election sites hereThe League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan national voter advocacy group, also poll preview tool.

Will there be a constitutional amendment or a statewide referendum on the ballot?


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