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The Best Autoflower Cannabis Seeds For Sale in 2022

In the world of cannabis seeds, there are many types of seeds available to cannabis seed collectors. Over the years many kinds of 420 seeds have been produced that, when in the hands of licensed and professional cultivators, can assure gender of a cannabis plant, grow naturally, or even automatically advance through growth stages with no change in lighting or growth process. Among these, cultivators and collectors often opt to collect a variety of autoflower seeds.

Autoflower weed seeds are seeds that have been modified through breeding practices to automatically transition from the vegetative phase to the flower phase and do not require changes in lighting. This makes them a very attractive option for professional cultivators and collectors alike, as autoflower seeds provide a significant decrease in workload. When grown in legal and professional settings, autoflower weed seeds produce a comparable yield to regular type seeds.

All Types of Autoflowering Seeds

The Best Autoflower Cannabis Seeds For Sale in 2022

There are a large variety of autoflower cannabis seed options available to collectors that are high in THC and CBD. A vast amount of autoflower seeds exist that include many popular indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Many of these auto flowering weed seeds from some top brands in the world are available for sale at thie Seed City Seed Bank, the highly rated and top-quality autoflower seed bank. Offering fast and discreet shipping, a large inventory, and top-tier customer service.

CBD Autoflower Seeds

A good deal of cannabis seed collectors desire seeds that are lower in THC and are higher in CBD. This 420 Seed Bank has a large amount of autoflower CBD seeds available from top-rated and popular brands.

AK Full Auto CBD Cannabis Seeds by Sumo Seeds

One of the top-selling CBD cannabis seeds available at this 420 seed bank is the AK Full Auto by Sumo Seeds. Made by crossing the potent AK Full Auto Strain with CBD flower, this autoflower seed Is a 15% Sativa, 35% Indica, and 50% ruderalis mix. The AK Full Auto CBD has a near 10% CBD content, versus a 5% THC content, meaning collectors of this seed are getting a sure fire CBD dominant seed.

As an auto feminized seed, it is a perfect seed for beginner collectors. As a feminized seed, these seeds (if legally grown by a licensed cultivator) are over 99% guaranteed to produce a female cannabis plant.

These seeds are of guaranteed quality, being created by Sumo Seeds. As a world-famous marijuana genetics company and seed bank, this highly rated company from the Netherlands provides a large array of classic strains as well as genetically bred powerhouse strains offering seeds that are perfect for any application.

Sativa Autoflower Weed Seeds

For those who want a large variety of the best sativa auto flower cannabis seeds on the market to choose from, Seed City is the best place to shop. Providing fast and affordable shipping, you will have new seeds in your collection in no time.

Green Crack Auto by Seed Stocker

In terms of quality, the Green Crack autoflowering strain is top-notch. It is also one of the most popular sativa strains available at this marijuana Seed Bank. This sativa dominant strain is noted for its extreme potency, which it gets from its high-powered family tree that includes Skunk #1. Green Crack Auto cannabis seeds are offered as a feminized autoflower seed, and cultivators praise it for its large powdery colas and large yield.

Seed Stocker is a fairly new cannabis seed company that has been making waves since making its debut in the cannabis industry. Their company may be new, but before beginning Seed Stocker, their staff amassed over 30 years of experience with cultivation and marijuana genetics that have helped them make a name for themselves rather quickly. All of their seeds are hand-selected by their staff from nothing but the finest Spanish and Dutch farms, ensuring that their seeds are of the highest quality. We also recommend Barney Farms for many high-quality auto-flowering weed seed options for sale. They have over 155,000 followers alone on their Instagram account.

Indica Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Available

Also offered is a large assortment of Indica dominant strains, such as the highly reviewed Auto NL strain by Female Seeds. Created by crossing the original Northern Lights strain with a ruderalis. Cultivators note that this strain delivers an average yield, and the plant itself (like many autoflower seeds) has a short stature.

Female Seeds is a seed company that focuses on the production of feminized cannabis seeds. Unlike many other marijuana seed breeding companies, they focus as much on their list of outdoor strains as they do their indoor strains, giving collectors a large variety to choose from. On top of their standard line of seeds, they also have a rotating line of limited edition seeds that they refer to as the X Line.

Hybrid Autoflower Seeds Available

This weed seed bank also offers one of the best selections of Hybrid Autoflower cannabis seeds around. This includes the extremely potent and popular Bruce Banner Autoflower strain by Grower’s Choice. Their version of the Bruce Banner III strain, Grower’s Choice made an extremely powerful strain that has a very high mold resistance, making it as durable as it is powerful. It is a 50/50 hybrid, combining the best of the Indica and Sativa worlds from its parent plants (og kush and strawberry diesel).

Grower’s Choice began as a supplier in the cannabis seed industry before establishing their own brand. In their days as a supplier, their clients included some top cannabis companies in the business. Their top-notch understanding of genetics has led their seeds to be some of the most sought after in the world.


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