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Temporary ceasefire over residential annexation between Salem and Perry Townships in Columbiana County, Ohio

Salem, Ohio (WKBN) – A six-month ceasefire over annexation was agreed Wednesday night between the city of Salem and neighboring Perry Township.

At issue is Perry County, where Countryside Drive is lined with “no annexation” signs and title deed restrictions enforced 27 years ago force homeowners to become part of Salem. It’s a township housing development.

“We’re adjacent to the city. We don’t have city water or city sewers, nor do we intend to use them,” Perry Township resident Barb Fink said.

Fink spoke at a Wednesday night meeting with the Salem City Council and Perry Township Trustees about the potential annexation of homes along Countryside Drive, Hampton Place and Beechwood Road from Perry Township to Salem. was one of those who

The annexation problem began a year ago when Hickey Metal Fabrication’s holding company annexed land in Salem, which triggered deed restrictions from 1996 and annexed land to maintain the city’s water and sewage systems. Landlords who did so were forced to annex it to Salem within 90 days.

“Why is it a big deal now? If it’s been a big deal since the old days, why is it suddenly coming out? Why are we all here? Perry County. Ward resident Charlie Clark asked.

“This is one of those deals where you get services now and pay later. Usually they never work,” Salem City Councilman Jake Gano said.

Gano said the annexation could help Salem’s economic development. He realized that the city and Perry Township could work together.

“The idea that we’re like Hatfield and McCoy here is ridiculous. We’re all part of the same community and I think we need to plan better,” Gano said. Told.

Jeremy Corbicello has proposed increasing the surcharge Salem is already charging to provide water to Perry Township.

Ultimately, the Salem City Council voted to extend the 90-day annexation deadline by six months until an agreement could be reached with Perry Township. Most relieved was Lori Butcher, who was to be annexed first.

“If you want to work something out, I think it will help us all. It doesn’t matter to me, let’s do something good for everyone,” Butcher said.

Members of the Salem City Council and the Perry Township Board of Trustees will meet to develop a plan that is fair for everyone. No date has been set for the first meeting, but one lawmaker said it will be held much sooner.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/a-truce-for-now-over-salem-perry-township-housing-annexation/ Temporary ceasefire over residential annexation between Salem and Perry Townships in Columbiana County, Ohio

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