Synagogues ramp up security as Israel-Gaza War intensifies

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Houses of worship across Pennsylvania are on high alert as the war between Israel and Hamas enters its third week.

“This is a time of great sorrow,” Ron Muroff, the Rabbi at the Chisuk Emuna Congregation in Harrisburg, said. “Jews all over the world are feeling threatened by Hamas and the supporters in that region and even our own country.”

Muroff said his synagogue has received threats since the war began, but stated that police have not found any of them to be credible.

“But [we have] had individuals that have suffered verbal abuse,” Muroff said. “A member of my congregation was told on the states of the [State] Capitol that ‘all Jews must be killed.’”

Pennsylvania State Police said they have devoted resources, like the “Risk Vulnerability Assessment Team,” to synagogues across the state.

“That’s a trained group of [state] troopers station across the state who perform free-of-charge security assessments,” PSP Trooper Lt. Adam Reed said.

Reed said some synagogues have taken part in the assessment, regardless of whether or not they have received threats.

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In the meantime, State Police are urging vigilance.

“If they see or hear something that doesn’t seem right, it’s really best to report it,” Reed said. Synagogues ramp up security as Israel-Gaza War intensifies

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