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Super Creative Branding Tips & Ideas

Thanks to technology, marketing has evolved greatly, and with it, the best ways to brand your business. No doubt, the world of marketing took a major turn for good with the emergence of the internet, which resulted in digital marketing. This involved faster, more innovative ways to reach customers, including social media, content marketing, email marketing, and more. Despite the effectiveness of these newer marketing methods, many people still find it hard to devise successful marketing campaigns. If you’re lost for ideas on how to make your marketing more creative, this article will help. You’ll find super creative brand awareness tips that are on par with current trends.

Create An Archetype

The archetype is a concept defined by Carl Jung as the “use of specific characters with a collection of unique traits many can relate to during different life phases.” Using archetypes for your brand is an ingenious and creative way to help the business. Telling your brand’s story using an archetype is great because clients and consumers can define your brand and connect it to a specific character. Just as Apple plays the visionary and Taco Bell, the jester, your brand can employ a suitable character that’ll run through all your branding works.

Design A Great Logo

Your logo is a visual part of your brand identity. Thus, it must fully embody your business and everything it stands for. Brand visuals are highly relevant; they’re the first impression every customer has about the brand. So it always helps to invest in the best (to get the best). For a great logo design, employ the services of a talented and experienced logo designer, someone who is good at simple and effective designs.

Also, examine the logos of popular brands to understand what makes them successful. For the most part, their logos are simple, yet they send strong messages. Design a simple logo and use it on company assets to ensure everyone recognizes it. If needed, you can seek the services of printing companies like Anthem Branding. They offer a range of customized screen printing and embroidery services.

Personalize Your Concept And Content

The more personal your brand is, the more customers can connect with it and will be willing to invest. To personalize your content, the first step is to work on multiple ways to communicate with your customer.

Make use of traditional marketing platforms and social media to reach more people. When sending messages or responding to inquiries, get personal by mentioning the customer’s name. In other words, try to be as human as possible with the customer, and it’ll pay off in the long run.

Utilize Videos

When customers like a brand, they usually want to see more visual content from them. Over 50 percent of customers on social media report that they prefer video content over images and text. This is because infographics and videos are easier to absorb and retain the information; it requires less effort and time goes by faster than reading an article.

With these creative branding tips in your arsenal, you’re sure to become the best business in your niche. You’ll stand out from competitors effortlessly, and your products will always be in high demand.


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