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Step-By-Step Process to Writing a Great Essay

When you are in college, you need to learn a few important skills. Writing skill is one of those skills students must develop to excel in their academics. Writing an impeccable essay is something students dread, and honestly if you are determined, then writing essays should not be a problem for them.

Essay writing can be fun, it often takes a lot of research, concentration and your time. You need to be organised, therefore, break up your assignment into small steps to make it manageable and interesting.

If you follow the steps properly, then essay writing will no longer intimidate you, in fact you will begin to enjoy writing essays onward.

1. Choose A Topic

If you are given the choice to pick a topic for your essay assignment, then don’t rush, choose a topic of your interest and you are certain that you can gather some interesting facts and information on the topic.

If you are given the essay prompt, you need to understand the essay question first. This allows you to brainstorm the points and some great ideas and you won’t stray off the topic.

2. Brainstorming the points

Brainstorming is all about extracting ideas and points about the topic you will be writing about. You have to write down each idea that comes to your mind. During the process, you will notice that you are getting more and more out of each idea, it is a thought-provoking activity as your brain is fully active now. In the process, you have developed not only your arguments but the concluding statements as well.

3. Write the body and then the Introduction

Once you have brainstormed your ideas, start writing the body of your essay. This is a strategy to make essay writing easy and it has worked for many students. The body is the lengthy part of an essay, while writing the body, the students gain momentum and more ideas and points start to come in. And once done with the body, writing an introduction is a breeze.

Nevertheless, it is your choice, do what works for you otherwise. The body consists of several paragraphs. And each paragraph consists of: Main topic or the key statement; Supporting statements; Transition.i.e. the connection between the content of the paragraph with the thesis statement in your introduction.

4. Write the conclusion

Conclusion, which is the reinstatement of your thesis statement, is an important part of an essay, and most students forget to write it in their essays. So, the tip to writing a great essay is never to miss out on the conclusion. The conclusion must have five to six very concrete sentences as they summarize all the points and your ideas and bring closure to your argument or an answer to the essay question.

5. The final touches

Done with your conclusion doesn’t mean your essay is completed and now you can relax. The last but very crucial step of writing a great essay is that you must read the essay again, that is proofreading it. Go through every detail, you may find many errors and mistakes, edit them.

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