State officials have announced a $2.85 million investment in a new Upper Moreland police station.

Willow Grove — State Senator Maria Collette (District D-12) and State Representative Nancy Genst (District D-152) are located in the obsolete townhouse that now houses the Upper Moreland Township Police Department and Township. Announced $2,850,000 in state grant funding to renovate the space. Take control and build another state-of-the-art police station on the premises.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe in their community,” Collette said at a ceremony marking the check’s presentation. “This is a transformative investment for the people who live in Upper Moreland and those who serve them. To their credit, the men and women who work here have what they have without sacrificing the quality of service But it’s time to say thank you more than words.”

State Senator Maria Collett is enthusiastic about plans to build a new police station in Upper Moreland. (Submitted photo)
Upper Moreland Police Chief Andrew Bullock takes officers on a tour of the now cramped police headquarters. (Submitted photo)

“The funding announced today will go a long way in providing resources for much-needed renovations to the Upper Moreland Township police station and township buildings,” said Guenst. “Furthermore, the project will allow for necessary safety measures and precautions that were lacking in previous buildings.”

Clinton “Kip” McFatridge, chairman of the township’s board of commissioners, expressed his appreciation and added:This makes a lot of sense when we can [work together and] To complete these projects, we get money from the state through various means. It’s time to get this. [renovation] end [and] put the police station behind this building [police officers’] Safety — They need safety to protect us too. “

Following the announcement, Upper Moreland Police Chief Andrew Bullock and Township Manager Matthew Candland showed Collet and Genst through the shared facility built in 1967, highlighting police cramps and poor retention, He highlighted some of the serious issues that this fund would help address, such as evidence storage: locker areas and the existing facility’s lack of lobby security and ADA accessibility. They also shared how the project they funded would address them by building a new state-of-the-art police station on the property.

The award was funded through the Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP). This program is administered by the Budget Office for the acquisition and construction of local economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historic improvement projects. State officials have announced a $2.85 million investment in a new Upper Moreland police station.

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