St. Patrick’s Day DUI crackdown planned by PennDOT and local police

Hermitage, Pennsylvania (WKBN) – As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, Pennsylvania officials are taking extra steps to keep aggressive drivers with disabilities off the road.

“Particularly on Friday, we will be announcing St. Patrick’s Day itself, special details, and DUI details,” he said.
Brian Robison of the Hermitage Police Department is also a member of the Mercer and Lawrence County DUI Task Forces.

The state holiday enforcement period began last Friday and continues through this Sunday. PennDOT, the Pennsylvania DUI Association, and local police work together to spread the word.

“I know there’s going to be a party, that’s fine, but think ahead. If you’re going to drink, another driver, a drunk driver, will drive you home.” Please plan to send me.

According to Penn DOT, in final stats for 2021, Mercer County recorded 133 disabled collisions during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday period. Lawrence County had 76.

DUI association experts say 60% of drivers are on some kind of medication, many of which are incompatible with alcohol.

“Polydrug use is skyrocketing. Even if it’s a prescription drug, it’s a combination of alcohol and other types of drugs,” said Cathy Torres, spokesperson for the DUI.

Pennsylvania police don’t often set up DUI checkpoints in cold weather, but they do use roving saturation patrols to spot drivers suspected of having a disability and conduct sobriety tests.

“There are a lot of things we look for in terms of driving habits, such as simple bad turns, weaving, low speeds, high speeds,” says Robison.

Either way, it could mean seeing more law enforcement in your rearview mirror this weekend. St. Patrick’s Day DUI crackdown planned by PennDOT and local police

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