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Small World Animal Shelter in Girard, Ohio uses community help to repair after storm damage

GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) — Small World Animal Shelter’s roof remains damaged after last weekend’s storm. The owner had trouble finding a roofer because of the plastic roof, he told First News.but then aired storyI started getting calls from people willing to help.

With more wind and rain expected, Veronica Caruso is gearing up for the Small World Animal Shelter.

“Can you see that black thing? So it’s held back. We probably don’t use that area, so that’s it,” Caruso said, pointing out various spots on the roof.

After the storm, Caruso and friends put a tarp on the plastic roof. It was to protect the area where the cats roam.

She said it was difficult to find help because of the type of roof, but she has reached out to nine groups since our story aired.

“Some do it all for our donations. We are 501c. Some do the labor, some make the product,” Caruso said.

Now she’s still deciding which company will do the job. However, she was told that she would have to keep her roof plastic. She then replaces it with a stronger one, which will keep the roof of the flower shop from leaking.

Caruso and her friend had to redo the part covered in the blue tarp.

“That blue tarp is moving, look at this piece hanging. [it] There was no dangling. So the rest of it was blowing. This is what the hole looked like. So I had to start over.

She says it’s all about protecting the cats, but she also wants a safe building for children with special needs and people receiving court-ordered community services who visit shelters. .

https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/community-helps-fix-animal-shelter-roof-damaged-by-storm/ Small World Animal Shelter in Girard, Ohio uses community help to repair after storm damage

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