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Slow rate hikes, no tax hikes in Schuylkill Haven

On November 2, the Schuylkill Haven Borough Council tentatively approved a reserve budget for the new year. Borough residents should not see an increase in borough taxes, but may see a small increase in sanitation and electricity.

The interim budget is balanced, said councilman Kurt Montz. He should raise his sanitation fee by $5 and his electricity bill by 3%.

Montz applauded the borough’s finance committee and everyone who worked on the reserve budget. He said residents won’t lose their services, see no tax increases from local governments, and face only modest increases in sanitation and electricity bills, much lower than in many neighboring municipalities. .

Montz said the borough is absorbing some of the necessary sanitation fee increases to keep residents’ fees as low as possible while still keeping the budget in balance.

Council members at hand unanimously approved the reserve budget. Aldermen Kevin Kline and John Williams were absent.

In other businesses, the city council approved a resolution described by Borough Attorney Mark Semanczyk as a follow-up to Law 57. The resolution requires local governments to adopt resolutions granting local tax collectors the ability to waive fees and penalties in certain circumstances.

Semanchik used the example of a home changing ownership during tax season and bills lost in transit, not paid, and moved to county collections. Semanchik’s resolution allows borough tax collectors to rectify the problem if necessary. The Board agreed and passed a resolution.

The Council has authorized the Recreation Commission to purchase $2,000 worth of trout to allow the Stoyers Dam and Schuylkill River to be released into the Fishing Derby.

The council approved allowing the fire department to keep the boot drive. Alderman Tom Gordon questioned the need for the fundraiser and asked if the borough could directly support the needs of the fire department. We have provided funds to support the Department, but we need more funds.

Borough Manager Jessica Seiders reported that the ongoing substation upgrade project is making significant progress. There have been delays on certain aspects of the project that may have extended to January, but for the most part the Borough is very happy with the progress. The project is expected to provide the region’s most reliable power.

Resident Ruth Tucci took part in public comment, raising concerns about speeding along Route 61, an issue she repeatedly raised at past meetings.

“There have been more than 10 accidents on Route 61 (recently). People keep speeding. I want to know who I can write to thank them for killing our relatives.” “They are doing a great job with our taxes.”

Montz said he agreed with Tucci’s concerns and had recently spoken with the chief. He said he would encourage the mayor to speak with the mayor and state police to find ways to deal with it.

Mayor Michael Devlin said the town’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony will take place on November 27. Also, tumbling he was mentioned for aggressive upgrades to trails on the run.

https://www.readingeagle.com/2022/11/05/modest-rate-hikes-no-tax-increase-in-schuylkill-haven-budget/ Slow rate hikes, no tax hikes in Schuylkill Haven

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