Sleeper wedding dresses: the beauty of a bride’s look in its simplicity

For many women, getting married is one of the most important and happy days of their lives. Of course, anticipating brides want the momentous event to be remembered in the smallest detail – the precious ‘yes’, the happy smile of the person they love, the cheering guests, and their own pleasant excitement.

One of the most important elements of the wedding entourage is the gown – one that is unique, striking, and flattering to the beauty of the bride. But while in the past many brides opted for luxurious evening gowns, today most favors beauty combined with comfort. Today’s brides choose dresses that can be worn not only as a wedding gown but also later on to some party, for example, where women want to look irresistible and at the same time feel comfortable in their attire.

And the designers of the popular Sleeper brand know how to meet the needs of practical women. Just explore the prestigious brand’s range of bridal gowns to find out.

Bridal collection: a bit of history

Sleeper was founded in 2014 in Kyiv. Its creators are friends Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva. The first line of clothes were black and white pajamas, which in their time caused a fashion furor. The pajamas were characterized by their versatility – they could be worn at home or as a dominant everyday business look.

Despite the young entrepreneur’s zero experience in the fashion business, Vogue magazine wrote about the promising and original brand two months after its launch. The Sleeper was then announced as the brand of the month. Winning this honorary title has become the key to Sleeper’s success not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Today, Sleeper clothes are worn by well-known fashionistas, such as Emma Roberts, Kelly Lynch, Leonie Hanne, Rita Ora, Emily Weiss, Emily Ratzakowski, Leandra Medine, Kendall Jenner.

The Sleeper wedding dresses collection has recently hit fashion Olympus.

In a press release for the collection’s launch, Varetsa and Zubarieva revealed what inspired them to create their wedding gown designs in the first place.

The entrepreneurs wanted to create a bride image borrowed from drawings of little girls dreaming of their own weddings and wearing curtains from their grandmothers’ summer cottages for veils.

To translate naive childhood fantasies into real wedding images, the brand’s founders engaged artists Masha Reva and Ivan Grabko, who helped them create inspiring sets on the Black Sea shore. According to Reva, the castle made of sheets, the (real) wedding Cadillac, the “gold” crowns made of foil were designed to evoke a desire to play, to plunge back into childhood for a while, to believe in naive dreams again.

It is thanks to this entourage that white silk wedding dress, linen outfits, Sleeper’s pj sets for wedding parties, ceremony shoes, and other accessories harmoniously complementing the bride’s image appeared.

What the Sleeper bridal collection has to offer

In the wedding range, the bride will find not only the outfit for the wedding ceremony but also important extras. They include:

  • Different shoes including the silk slip-ons for pre-wedding events
  • Pajama sets for the bachelorette party in the matching style
  • Elbow-length gloves
  • Boheme Slip Dress
  • Michelin Linen dress
  • Paloma Dress (made of silk or linen)

And, of course, the much-loved Atlanta dress has also found its wedding incarnation.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pieces in this unique collection, which will fit perfectly into the dream wedding concept.

White Michelin dress

This wedding gown is available in two versions – silk and linen. Its striking feature is the ruffles on the sleeves and the chest, which, along with the rest of the ensemble, look advantageous in wedding photos.

It’s a dress that can be worn by the bride during the ceremony. It will also look appropriate on the bridesmaids.

Boheme Slip Dress with Feathers

Suitable for the romantic brides who aspire to the ideals of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The elegant, feathered outfit will bring out the best in a woman’s figure.

Atlanta dress

This white silk wedding dress literally blew up Instagram. The main reason for its popularity is its timeless midi length, comfortable fit, and unique style.

This dress can be worn with or without a collar. The alternative fabric is linen.

Snow White Cape

This addition to the bridal gown will bring a touch of glamour to the look.

The bride, who wants to make a stunning impression at the reception, only needs to throw this long white linen cape over her shoulders. The beautiful wide collar with ruffles will prove to be a good solution for the wedding photoshoot.

Zephyr gloves

This bridal collection accessory by Sleeper will make the bride feel like a real princess. White light gloves with ruffles will be the embodiment of tenderness, beauty, and fairytale naivety.

Wedding shoes

Sleeper offers brides not only dresses and stylish accessories to go with them, but also a selection of shoes. Check the Aristocat Satin Ballet Flats in White. These flats with detachable bows will be the perfect detail of your wedding fairytale. Available in sizes 35 to 41.

Brides will also love the Victorian-inspired silk Mille-Feuille ballet flats.

Who chooses Sleeper?

The brand known for stylish, comfortable, and versatile PJ sets is now a favorite amongst thousands of women, including many celebrities.

The Sleeper wedding range is a fashionable collection that combines practicality, originality, and the realization of children’s fantasies. All the outfits and accessories are handmade by experienced craftsmen, who approach the creation of textile masterpieces with love and responsibility.

Create the wedding of your dreams with Sleeper wedding dresses and give yourself unforgettable memories!


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