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Sitting Bulls Thread Hockey Team Holds Fundraising Game with Local Supporters

Johnstown, PA (WTAJ) – The Sitting Bulls Sled Hockey Team welcomed fans to the First Summit Arena on Saturday for its annual fundraiser.

Each year, the game helps raise 75% of the funds for the sled hockey team and allows players of all ages to take on members of the media and politicians, or face off against teachers.

Sitting Bulls President Russ White said, “Proceeds will be used to provide our organization with ice time, equipment and sleds for parents and guardians to play in Sitting Bulls Sled Hockey. It costs nothing,” he said.

Sitting Bulls players range in age from 5 to 65.

White said he looks forward to the games all year round, especially the younger players who will face their teachers at school.

“Everybody looks forward to it, especially if the teacher comes because they want to hit it once or twice,” White said. “But the atmosphere is different outside the school and the players are enjoying it.”

Sitting Bull player Ethan Buchkovich says the support he’s getting from the community has been great and he doesn’t have to worry about being able to afford to play the sport he loves. Buchkovic said his favorite part of the annual event is watching someone who has never played before hit the ice for the first time.

“It’s really cool to see so many capable bodies go through it and respect the sport and realize that this is just as athletic as any other sport and a lot of hard work.

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https://www.wtaj.com/sports/local-sports/sitting-bulls-sled-hockey-team-holds-fundraiser-game-against-local-supporters/ Sitting Bulls Thread Hockey Team Holds Fundraising Game with Local Supporters

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